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Uncrating the Droid Bionic Droid Does code

The Motorola Droid Bionic. Perhaps you've heard of it. And perhaps you've heard of the little -- or not so little -- Droid Does campaign that's just getting going in earnest. We were sent a case (along with BGR, Boing Boing and Joystiq) containing ... well, containing a code to help unlock the Droid Does video ... and containing something else.

Take a look, after the break.

Youtube link for mobile viewing

So, yeah. Pretty epic as far as unboxings go, and pretty epic marketing from Verizon. If you thought they were going to release this long-delayed phone with a whimper, think again.

So what's next? Looks like Verizon's going to be giving away some phones, eh, with an AR scavenger hunt to do it.

Droid Bionic Droid Does

  • So do all 4 pieces come together like some Voltron-phone?
  • props to android central for being the first site out of the four to give us some footage an insight into this crazyness lol.
  • I am surprised the head didnt open up into something
  • maybe it's the desktop charging cradle? charges 18 bionics at a time
  • Oh, wow, sweet Pelican case! Are you going to give this away? Please pick me!!! I would love to have this to show everyone.
  • So what is that, a Droid head? Doesn't really look like anything to me BUt I must say BRAVO on this marketing strategy. I bet Android fanboys out there would spend tons on that case with or without the Droid head in it. Crazy
  • That is an odd one. At least the BGR one looked like a robot. No clue what the Joystiq one looks like since they haven't posted anything about theirs yet. And BoingBoing... anyone awake there?...
  • The thing that gets me is that Joystiq is a gaming website... why them and not Engadget is what confuses me. And hell, so far, there's nothing here to show even the slightest bit of relevance for Joystiq to post about this.
  • What would be the point of sending it to only android-centered websites? We all probably read the same websites. Verizon is trying to reach as many different readers as possible. There is probably a huge overlap of readers between AC, androidpolice, engadget, etc.
  • I wish they would release this phone already. I think 8 months of marketing BS is enough to make me vom. "WE CAN SEND CLAY HEADS IN HUGE CASES BUT WE CANT HAVE A BATTERY LAST MORE THAN 5 HOURS ON LTE." At least the priorities are straight, but this is corp. america after all.
  • Great Marketing though - really clevar!
  • doesn't seem to be a valid web address.
  • Really? It worked for me.
  • EDIT: Looks like it was already posted 12hrs ago. My bad.
  • This has been really fun to watch today. Interesting stuff.
  • I am very happy with my HTC Thunderbolt. I always liked the HTC phones. Since my Nexus One, which I still own and use, I have been a loyal HTC fan. The Thunderbolt has thrown us a few curves but mine is working absolutely stellar. Every phone II own is rooted and running a custom rom but the Thunderbolt. I will root the Thunderbolt after it gets it's Gingerbread update. I will probably wait a month after to see if it gets a late update after the Gingerbread update. Who the fu-- knows??? Just thinking out loud. Drinking since lunch..
  • ..... That means : speechless
  • Yawn... where is my Nexus/Droid Prime or GS2 LTE?
  • They are trying to say " No really, the end of waiting...I swear this time."
  • So... this is what has been holding up the release of this phone.
  • i hope they do cool shit like this for the (rumored) Droid Prime. Alas they probably won't.
  • whenever you're ready to enter the code boingboing...
  • They are probably loving the hits and attention their site is getting being the one holding up the show. I never even visited that site until i wanted to see who was responsible for holding the show up!
  • I bet they haven't even gotten it yet. I don't think it is a coincidence that their code unlocks the end of the video which the whole thing builds up to..probably the launch date?
  • Exactly. These things are being hand delivered. So you're right.
  • Just give me the damn phone Verizon!
  • Certainly got my android attention. Definitely would like to know the 768 ways to win all those athletic electronics! Was that a 36" tv light enough to run a marathon with? AWESOME! ;)
  • I thought you were going to be able to plug in the head to a computer via cable, type in some code, and then the head would open to reveal the Droid Bionic.
  • Can we get some dang pre order info? No one cares about a stupid scavenger hunt. I was hoping to have the phone ordered late tonight or before I go to work tomorrow!!
  • give me the whole robot not just the head!
  • I think this kind of stuff is really cool, even if I don't have the energy to keep up with it.
  • The odd thing its Alive HA HA
  • this is nice and all but can i have my ice cream sandwich powered, KalEl chipped out, Asus Transformer 2 please....with a side of backup battery, extra ports all on a sesame seed keyboard bun? yes thats to go please. thanks :)
  • Droid Doesn't!!! ;P I love Flash, but not Flash ONLY websites! So 90's. Level 1 clearance detected!
    Detecting.... awesome LTE goodness. Detecting uber, uber cool whatever here. Seriously? They spend money on this? Bring back the old Mad Men days of advertising!
  • They do Flash only so people with iPhones can't see what's coming to make their iPhone5's irrelevant before they even come out. :-)
  • How incredibly stupid!
  • Dear DroidLanding: Thanks for creating an app your loyal d1 owners cannot use... From the bottom of our little OG hearts...GFY.
  • Hey! Have you checked the base of the head statue? Maybe it has a false bottom and the Bionic is hidden inside. Check to make sure!
  • Hmmm we're only waiting on Boing Boing now...good job Phil. Glad to see Motorola and Verizon can tell you're here, and have acknowledged you. You do run a pretty good site here ;)
  • Boy, I hope they don't ruin this whole hype thing by doing something silly like releasing a PHONE.
  • I think they're going to do a scavenger hunt for pieces that will complete 4 bionic robots. All 700 plus pieces will be scattered across the US and we get to find them. Once you find it, you enter the code and win a prize.
  • I think they're going to do a scavenger hunt for pieces that will complete 4 bionic robots. All 700 plus pieces will be scattered across the US and we get to find them. Once you find it, you enter the code and win a prize.
  • From BoingBoing: "It turns out that the puzzle is part of a code, and a bunch of tech blogs all have to punch theirs in at the website for a new Droid cellular handset. This will unlock something. "Something" presumably being "an ad", right? So I found the code and punched it in, just to be a good sport. But it didn't work. Their flash site just said "Verifying Code" and never did. At this, I said oh well!, then got on with my day."
  • From the sounds of the BoingBoing article, it appears they are anti-promotion and don't really want to play the game. They opted to leave it up to a vote on whether or not to enter the code, or to wait until the last minute to post it, or to "Screw 'Em". Seems like Verizon picked a winner to hinge their promotion on. Plus their robot head is broken. Courtesy of FedEX it would seem.
  • KJX - I think you might have had a typo in your last post... surely you meant "wiener" and not "winner". ;-) How is it that VZW picked those boneheads over sites like engadget or gizmodo is beyond me. Either way... it will get unlocked.
  • So...the only way to win a new phone is to already own a phone that isn't yet eligible for an upgrade? My D1 can't run the app, which seems to be the only way to take part in the hunt?