10.1 inch Toshiba Thrive coming in July, and priced right

Since we first had some time with the Toshiba Thrive (then only known as an unnamed Toshiba tablet) at CES last January, we've been waiting to hear when it would show up for anyone to actually purchase one.  According to Engadget, that will be this July, with pre-orders starting at Best Buy on June 13.  The pricing is also done right -- $429 for the 8GB model, $479 for the 16GB, and the 32GB checks in at $579.

The Thrive is also looking good in the features department -- with full size HDMI and USB ports and a full size SD card slot built into the unit itself, connectivity won't be an issue, and that matters because it ships with Honeycomb 3.1 and all the USB gadgetry support you could ever ask for. Toss in Toshiba's Resolution + software and a removable battery, and you have the makings of a real winner at a great price.  Hit the break to see the hands-on video from CES.

Source: Engadget

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Coming in at 1.6 pounds. I can't deal with that... same reason I stopped taking my iPad anywhere... same reason I didn't get the XOOM same reason I'll waiting for Sammy.
  • Same reason you should hit the gym??? Just sayin....
  • Dumb comment. Just sayin...
  • Great reply. Seriously. Just sayin...
  • Just saying is fun... just sayin
  • I like the idea of full size hdmi and sdcard.. would make a good replacement for my laptop. And good thing I have big, strong arms to carry all 1.6lbs ;)
  • Is the SC card slot an SDHC (32GB limit) or SDXC (2TB limit)?
  • priced right. sorry jerry I payed 549.99 for my 32gb xoom WiFi. so I say this the spot on price. I get tired of hearing xoom Is over priced.
  • The xoom IS overpriced. Just because u were willing to pay it doesn't mean it's priced right. Half the stuff doesn't work. SDslot, LTE...
    just say'n
  • Xoom WIFI is $588 at Walmart now and the SD card will work any day now. Still think it is over priced compared to Samsung and Toshiba?
  • 588 for wifi and a promise of an SD card.. OK build quality, and nothing special other than being the first one of out the gate? yup. way over priced. NEVER EVER buy a device on a promised upgrade. Promises arent legally binding. A year from now prices will be so low that the bulk of the "higher end" tablets will be in the 200-300 range as the playing field saturates, and you will get more than your getting now for double that price. Im waiting till then. Besides, until i can use it for all my Ebooks for class, I dont have much of a need for one.
  • If you think the xoom ISNT over priced you obviously drank the kool-aid! Promised LTE that doesn't function yet, NO SD card support, Crappy screen (yes, admit it) ... how is it NOT over priced?~! what are you paying a premium for? The asus blows it away. Full sd support, great screen and only 399. You cant even say the xoom is worth an extra $200 for "build quality" . BTW - i dont have either, im getting the samsung 10.1
  • Agree. Promises are worthless and prices will be forced down in 2012. When the OS can support the hardware and we get decent image handling software, this will be a viable product. For now, any decent Netbook works better and costs less.
  • The 32GB for this tablet is overpriced too. You can add an extra 64GB on top of the starting 16GB in the form of an SD card for the same price.
  • ahem...make that 32GB. thats the max supported by the SD reader, but go ahead and go nuts with that usb port and a drive sticking out.
  • Looks like the Xoom is not over priced with this and the Samsung at similar prices. I like the idea of full size ports. Still waiting for SD card access on my Xoom...
  • The first tablet I've seen I actually would buy.
  • The textured and rubberized back looks really nice. The price point is also competitive with the offerings of Apple,Acer and Asus. I would spend the extra $50 to not get an 8 gig model but I guess you could spent that money on a 32 gig SD card and call it a day.
  • I'm glad I ordered the Transformer. Nice price point @ $399 for the 16 g model. It should arrive any day now. Now, if only I can think of how to explain it to my wife.........
  • Well you'll want to start by asking for your balls back.
  • Says the person who's never been married. Just sayin'!
  • It looks great but the weight is indeed the deal breaker for me. I love my Xoom except its weight. Its mere 130g difference between Xoom and Ipad2, but it is definitely noticeable. In particular, holding on one hand in bed. I'm still waiting for my ideal tablet.
  • Why not hold it with two hands? Wait, don't answer that question. :)
  • Man remove the fingerprints before you shoot video... didn't make it look attractive...f Toshiba and that thing is too big...
  • $400 16gb ASUS Transformer for the win.
  • IDK, this thing looks awfully chunky...
  • That was at a convention... prototypes are ALWAYS different from production models. Hell even the prototype Samsung was far from polished when compared to the production unit. When I hold one in my hands I will judge this bad boy... And honestly who really cares about the Xoom? It was rushed to retail just to be first and I understand that but regardless of the high price I am glad it was released when it was as it raised the bar for EVERY tablet manufacturer. This game is just heating up!
  • $399 for the ASUS, which is missing a few add ons and cheaply built or $479 for a quality built Toshiba which includes a USB, HDMI and sdCard slot. #NoBrainer!