Toshiba announces Folio 100 tablet -- 10.1 inches of Android 2.2

Toshiba officially announced its Folio 100 tablet today -- a 10.1-inch device running Android 2.2 (Froyo).

It's a very intriguing device and the specs sounds great:

  • 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • 1024 x 600
  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor
  • 16 GB internal storage (32 GB available SD expansion)
  • Adobe Flash 10.1
  • 1.3 MP front-facing camera
  • Mini-HDMI 
  • USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • WLAN (802.11)
  • Mobile broadband (available Q1 2011)

For those who have been unhappy that the Galaxy Tab appears to be 3G-only, the Folio 100 will be Wi-Fi first, with 3G coming in 2011. 

Some pre-installed software on the device: Opera Mobile, Toshiba Media Player, Fring, Evernote and Docs to Go.

Price is about $540 for the Wifi-only version. For a more detailed outline of the device, check the source for the full press release. Toshiba's first Android tablet looks great on paper, coming with USB and HDMI connectors and a Wifi-only version. [Toshiba - pdf warning]

  • Oooohhhh.... I'll wait for the 3G like I did with the iPad but this looks like a real rival to the iPad.
  • Nvidia Tegra2 - enough said right there, I've been dying for an android device with this. Anyone with a ZuneHD will see how the tegra chip can perform, I can't wait, this is the tablet I'm looking for.
  • I love that the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been rendered obsolete before it's even been released.
  • Negative. The Galaxy tab will most likely have android market, this thing will not.
  • Says who?
  • Why wouldn't it have Market?
  • man, these android tabs seem to be multiplying like rabbits......
    information/leaks are coming out at a blistering pace.....
    soon the flood gates gonna bust wide open....
    but this toshiba tabs not gonna make it at $540
    its way too over priced
  • I don't think it will be that price on shelves, probably looking at $499 or maybe $199-$249 with a two year 3G deal. To me, the tegra2 chip is worth it.
  • I'll wait to see what kind of tablet Google comes out with before I make my purchase. They did such a good job with the Nexus One, I think they'll have the tablet that I want. Not to mention quicker updates that Google will push out, gingerbread/honeycomb anyone?
  • Spot on. The only thing keeping me from jumping on one of these tab offerings is the certainty of future releases. All I want is a couch computer. I don't want another Data Plan. I can tether to my Nexus if I need to travel with it. Absolutely Critical is access to the market.
    Absolutely forbidden is carrier lock-down.
  • I'll admit that I'm a bit behind on Android tablet news, but since Google dropped the Nexus One "project" (per se), is it logical to think that Google would consider a branded tablet? I'm with icebike regarding the couch computer. Sometimes it's a pain to pick up the laptop when I want to check something out on the web real quick, and my Incredible just leaves some parts of the full web experience out. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Incredible. So much that I passed over the Droid X for various reasons, screen size not being one. Time to get active in the forums again. Android is buzzing day after day. On a side note: You gotta love Q3/4 in the technology world. Everyone wants to put a product on the market just in time for the holidays, and leave us with these cliffhangers, yearning for more and now!
  • Will wait for user reviews and see how aggressive Toshiba plans to be with upgrades. Also, want to see how Toshiba plays with Android in general.
  • Guys, where in the HECK did you read that the Tab is 3G only? That's False.
  • I think the issue is that people want a WiFi-only Galaxy tab, not that they're saying it's 3G only (and not WiFi as well). The specs have 3G, but people don't want to have to pay for another data plan or have to activate it on any network.
  • I'm looking for a real laptop expiernce not a oversized i want the real web not a Mobil version real flash a battery that last more then 4hours.
  • This is full web. Froyo with flash 10.1. The only thing limiting this is sites like hulu that disallow android from view their content.
  • In which case there are work arounds for that.
  • Engadget is BASHING this thing left and right... While They love the GALAXY TAB . . . I very much trust their opinion until I can get my own personal hands on anyway
  • Lol. I never thought of something like a standard USB type-A connector for peripherals. My apologies. A keyboard/mouse (or trackpad) would be nice. Or a dock/port replicator! Edit: The press release PDF mentions an HDMI dock. I guess add a bluetooth keyboard/mouse and you're set! Especially with Logitech's DiNovo Mini. Now that would be sweet.
  • BTW, is the source link broken or am I missing it? I click the "Toshiba - pdf warning" link and it takes me to the AndroidCentral article about so many Android devices being activated every day. I'm sure Google can find the source for me, tho. :-)
  • Whoa. Yeah. Fixed.
  • There is way too much bezel on this for me.
  • yeah, this tablet have everything i want, Tegra2 FF and RF cameras and a decent price, but that bezel looks like crap, I know there needs to be somewhere to hold it but that bezel is ridiculous. It looks like an electronic picture frame.
  • So this is more to my liking: 10.1" display, wi-fi only, expandable storage, bluetooth, USB. I wonder if USB data card drivers could be hacked to provide 3G access? I'm not sure I like the 16:9 aspect ratio, though; yeah its good for movies and TV but might not be so good for other content and seems like it would make it a little weird to hold in landscape mode, but would have to see it/hold it first to make that judgement. Assuming this is "real" android (i.e. Market, etc.) I would get this over the Tab. One thing about the ratio is it seems to make the bezel look enormous.
  • Wonderful specs, wonderful screen, wonderful manufacturer....they had everything going for them...then they crashed and burned by not having access to the Android Market. Way to fracking shoot yourself in the head Tosh. Side loading or not, no way in hell would I ever buy a tablet without access to a market.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe that any official word has come out stating that this will NOT have access to the market.
  • Tablets are not allowed in the Market
  • I know that the Galaxy Tab has market access...
  • because its a phone aswell, Google will not allow Pure Tablets into the android Market
  • According to this they will. Gingerbread is quite tablet focused.