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Today only, save $50 off the Honor 8

Today only, you can save an additional $50 on the Honor 8 (opens in new tab), bringing the total price to just $350. Unfamiliar with the Honor 8? Here's Andrew Martonik said in our review:

"Before even approaching the pricing of the Honor 8, this is a really great phone. Externally, it's slick and can grab eyes with a few subtle design features while also feeling solid and built with high tolerances. The metal and glass protect really great internal specs that can power the phone through all of your regular tasks, with a battery that lasts all day (and then some), and you can view it all on a really top-end display."

If you're looking for a great phone at a great value, today is your day. Grab the Honor 8 today (opens in new tab) and save $50. Hurry, this offer is valid for Columbus Day only!

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Jared started off writing about mobile phones back when BlackBerry ruled the market, and Windows Mobile was kinda cool. Now, with a family, mortgage and other responsibilities he has no choice but to look for the best deals, and he's here to share them with you.
  • It's also $50 off at B&H Photo, along with accessories such as a case, and some other things for today only as well.
  • This looks like a really nice device.
  • Oh yeah try new egg offering white one only comes with case and usb-c powerbank for $349.
  • B&H Photo has both colors. Either way, good deals all around!
  • Ordered the black version from B&H. For $349, they're including a pair of $100 headphones! (And a case, 32GB SD card, & other photo accessories.)
  • Wow...
  • Yep, I bought mine from them, nice package there! Also by the way, this is the official Honor 8 case made by Honor. One of the two anyway.
  • Congrats!
  • Plus no sales tax
  • Dang I should have waited lol.
    This is great phone y'all :)
  • The gf just got hers I'm white. It's a fantastic phone, emui has come a long ways, great battery life, build quality, and a lot of neat features.
  • I do agree, congrats to her!
  • It's only going to get better with EMUI 5.
  • Great deal on a very good phone!
    I really like mine!
  • Man that deal at B&H is so tempting. Just wish they had the blue model
  • It is very tempting. I came very close to buying it. Even though I have a pixel xl 128 on pre order. I just don't like the Os on the honor 8 as much. Still, it was very tempting. Had it in the cart on b&h and everything.
  • Haha so did I! I ultimately decided not to because I don't "really" need it lol
  • Maybe I can finally sell my gf on the idea of me needing a back up ;)
  • My honor is a semi backup phone for my LG G4.
    I have a Tracfone SIM in it right now.
    Gets a signal on the AT&T mvno everywhere.
  • Nice and good to know!
  • Man I just got mine from b&h only 2 days ago but at $399. Wonder if I should buy and send this one back.