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RAVPower Filehub Plus

You can create Wi-Fi if you have an Ethernet jack to connect to the Filehub. Otherwise, you can use the device as its own little wireless media streamer. Plug in a large SD card filled with music or movies and keep up to five people entertained with their favorites for a long time.

Travel Router

RAVPower Filehub Plus

Stack code with on-page discount. Connect the device to an Ethernet port. Then attach an SD card, USB drive, or hard drive. You'll be able to share the contents of said drive with up to five people wirelessly. Play the music or transfer the data.

$32.99 $42 $9 off

With coupon: FILEHUB8

Ecovacs Deebot N79S robot vacuum

You only have so many hours in the day and so many years to live. Stop wasting them all with... cleaning. Get a robot to do it for you! It's the future! Plus, since you can control this particular robot with your voice, you don't even have to press any buttons.

Clean the Smart Way

Ecovacs Deebot N79S robot vacuum

The N79S can recharge itself when its battery is low and still go out and finish the job. It also works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Set it to work in multiple cleaning modes, including spot cleaning or full auto mode. Has 1-year warranty.

$139.99 $200 $60 off

Boltune Bluetooth over-ear headphones

They say "it's not the destination, it's the journey." Well, they are idiots. Forget the journey. Tune it out completely with some noise-cancelling headphones. Jam to your favorite music while ignoring everyone around you and you'll arrive at your destination before you know it. It's totally about where you're going not how you got there.

Listen Up

Boltune Bluetooth over-ear headphones

They use hybrid active noise-cancelling tech, deep bass with 45mm large-aperture drivers, and protein ear pads for extended comfort. They also have a built-in mic so you can take phone calls with its own noise-cancelling for vocal clarity.

$38.99 $60 $21 off

With coupon: DBGFTDHT

Hamilton Beach 10-quart slow cooker

This slow cooker is huge. It's large enough for a small turkey even. You can get Thanksgiving dinner any day of the week, and it'll be done and ready before you even get home from work. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and down to a super low price. What's not to like?

Time to Eat

Hamilton Beach 10-quart slow cooker

You can cook a turkey in this thing. It has three temperature settings, a clip-tight sealed lid to prevent accidents or messy spills, full grip handles, and more. The stoneware crock pot and the glass lid are both dishwasher safe.

$41.99 $60 $18 off

Rock right-angled USB-C cables

Regular charging cables tend to get in the way. Use this one if you don't want the cable constantly bouncing off your wrist or arm. It's also great if you have limited space somewhere. The cords won't let you down and you'll start to forget they're even there after a while.

Go Pro

Rock right-angled USB-C cables 2-pack

The unique design allows the cable to sit behind your phone as it charges so you can keep using it without holding it in an odd position. Use the code on either the 3.3ft or 6.6ft version to score either 2-pack at 50% off.

$6.99 $14 $7 off

With coupon: SJ9BKMW8

Boltune true wireless earbuds

We all want true wireless earbuds. They really are super convenient. Nothing to get caught on. Nothing to accidentally pull out of your ears. They sit comfortably and play your favorite music without any trouble. So, it's really awesome to see some high-quality buds at such an affordable price.

Bluetooth Buds

Boltune true wireless earbuds

With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars based on over 2,100 customer reviews, these headphones are some of the most popular you can buy at this price. Clip the on-page coupon and enter the following code at checkout to snag today's deal.

$29.24 $45 $16 off

With coupon: UU5MUB89

Jelly Comb Travel Case

Let's say you're going on a trip. You've got to take your laptop, tablet, phone, and maybe some other devices with you. But then with each one of those you have charging cables, wall adapters, battery packs, wireless mice, headphones, and more. So where do you find the space? Right here.

Travelin' Tech

Jelly Comb tech accessories organizer travel case

Organizing all your adapters, connectors, receivers, chargers, and other peripherals can quickly become complicated. Luckily, this inexpensive bag will help you tackle the task at 20% off when you clip its coupon at Amazon.

$11.99 $15 $3 off

Listen up: Audible

Find time for books again with this free 30-day Audible trial and three free audiobooks. Fall in love with books in a new way; an Audible membership earns you 1 credit each month good for any audiobook you want, as well as the choice of two Audible Originals from a hand-picked selection.

Free at Amazon

Away from prying eyes: NordVPN

Browse anonymously, securely, and with no geographic barriers using NordVPN. It works great on iOS, Android, macOS and Windows, and you can use it on an six devices at once. For a limited time you can snag a subscription at only $3.49 per month — a 70% discount.

$3.49 per month at NordVPN

Read all about it: Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited gives members access to over a million titles to read at their leisure, and for a limited time, you can score two months of access for free. Unlike previous deals, you don't have to be a Prime member to take advantage of this offer.

Free at Amazon

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