The 2-pack of Topgreener Smart Wi-Fi in-wall dual-USB outlets is down to $65.58 with code USBWF20T on Amazon. The Wi-Fi USB outlet is a brand new addition to Amazon and has not dropped from its $82 price until now. You can also get a version with energy monitoring on sale for $18 off using the same code.

No Middleman

Topgreener smart Wi-Fi USB outlet 2-pack

The three bottom ports, including two USB and one AC outlet, all have smart control. You can use a Topgreener app or your voice assistant to turn them on and off, set the schedules, and more.

$65.58 $82 $16 off

So with this outlet, you get two regular AC outlets and two USB ports. The top outlet is always on and does normal outletly things. The bottom outlet and the two USB ports can be connected to your Wi-Fi network over the 2.4 GHz band. You can use Topgreener's free app on iOS or Android to control them, set schedules, and other things. You can also connect them directly to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control. Where you'd normally need to plug in a smart plug, now you can just control whatever's directly plugged into the wall. The outlet is also easy to install with existing wiring and comes with a wall plate.

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