Stream shows to your mobile devices with the HDHomeRun Connect Duo at $40 off

Having an antenna is nearly essential in this day and age of cordcutting. If your home is already set up with one, it's time to consider the next step — streaming all the channels it can receive to your mobile devices. You're in luck today, as Best Buy is holding a one-day sale on the HDHomeRun Connect Duo, bringing it down to just $59.99 through its eBay store and the main site. The Duo usually sells for $100, which is its current price at Amazon, and today's deal marks the lowest we've ever seen it reach.

The Connect Duo has two tuners (thus, Duo). When paired with an HDTV antenna, it allows you to stream the content your antenna pulls in to up to two mobile devices. That should work for most people, but if you have more than two devices trying to access the same live TV at the same time, you might want to upgrade to the $140 HDHomeRun Connect Quatro. It has four tuners for twice the fun.

CordCutters has a great breakdown of the HDHomeRun Connect tuners if you need more information.

John Levite
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