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Save $160 and strap the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch to your wrist

Getting your first smartwatch is a big deal, which is why you want to make sure you buy the right one at the right price. The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Bluetooth smartwatch (opens in new tab) is fully featured and normally pretty pricey at up to $350, but today you can find it on sale for just $109.99 at Amazon when you add it to your cart, marking its best price in history. We did see the Frontier drop as low as $190 during the Black Friday sales last year, but this deal is $80 lower than that! You'll see it priced at $199.99 at Amazon which is already a stellar offer, and adding it to your cart will take off an additional $90. There is a slight shipping delay of one to two months, so you'll want to keep that in mind when ordering.

The Frontier is an upgrade over the Gear S3 Classic (opens in new tab), and at this price it's actually much cheaper. Compared to the Classic, the Frontier adds LTE connectivity and the ability to take voice calls with a built-in speakerphone. It also has a different design with larger, textured buttons and a rubberized strap that better fits an active lifestyle. The Gear S3 series currently features a rating of 4.1 stars based on 3,107 user reviews (opens in new tab) at Amazon.

J.D. Levite has been in the deals game since 2012. He has posted daily deals at Gizmodo, The Wirecutter, The Sweethome, and now for Thrifter. He was there for the first Prime Day and has braved the full force of Black Friday. If you cut him, he bleeds savings. But don't try it for real. That's a metaphor.
  • I have an S3 Classic with Verizon. I honestly don't know if it has LTE, but it has cellular. It also had a speaker so I can take and make calls directly on the watch.
  • Great watch. I don't have any use for the LTE portion as I'm not one to leave my phone places by mistake so I just use the Bluetooth option to see notifications and answer calls while driving or at work. Nonetheless, very useful to have instead of constantly having to take my phone out.
  • Huh? An upgrade? It's more rugged if you are going hiking which is great but my s3 classic has LTE, has a speaker and has all the same features as the frontier. Did somebody just post this article without researching? I just got a verizon lte version open box for $125. Unless this comes with unlocked lte it's not really an upgrade unless you need the rugged version of the s3 gear.
  • "Did somebody just post this article without researching?" Yes - no research was done. The Frontier that they linked isn't LTE at all, it's just bluetooth. The features should be exactly the same as the S3 Classic.
  • I love my S3 Frontier LTE. Often start or deny my phone calls from my watch without the distraction of the phone. I stream my Spotify account from my watch during exercise, freeing myself from my phone. Battery life is good enough, I charge it while I'm getting dressed or in downtime where I know I'm not active. Samsung Pay works almost everywhere from my watch, which isn't a big deal, but just another convenience.
  • Price drops on the ticwatch pro $199 and Michael Kors Grayson $150-195 too. Regarding the samsung gear S3 frontier what is the difference between the international version and the US version?
  • The above link takes to you Amazon to buy USED starting at $149.99??????