The PlayStation Classic retro gaming console is on sale for just $39.99 at Walmart. That's more than half off the price the console launched at last year. Since the turn of the new year, the PlayStation Classic has hovered around $60 and today's price as low as we've seen it go. The console is going for $52 at B&H and more elsewhere.

The PlayStation Classic has not been as well-received as Nintendo's retro consoles like the NES Classic, but if you grew up with one of these consoles it still might hold a special place in your heart. And now it can hold that place for much less money, which makes it even more special to me. Plus, gamers have even found a way to add your own games to the system that could give it a lot more replayability.

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The PlayStation Classic is loaded with 20 original PlayStation games including Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms. It comes with two wired controllers, so you can play with a friend, an HDMI cable, and a virtual memory card. The device is tiny, about 45% smaller than the original PlayStation, but looks nearly identical.

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