Get a landline you'll actually use with the $63 Ooma Telo free home phone service

The Ooma Telo free home phone service device is down to $63 as part of Amazon's Gold Box deals of the day. This is the lowest price ever for the Ooma Telo, matching a drop it hasn't seen since April. Over the last six months, its street price has fluctuated around $80-90.

If you haven't heard of Ooma Telo before, it's basically a system that wants to replace your landline or any landline you might be paying for but not using (through a cable bundle, for example). Once you pay for the initial device, the only thing you'll pay for after that is monthly taxes ($3-6 depending on where you live). Given how much your cable bundle might be costing you, this system could end up paying for itself within a year.

Ooma Telo creates a landline that uses your home Internet connection. It gets you free nationwide calling, call waiting, caller ID, 911 service, a call log history and voicemail. It's easy to set up, comes with good mobile apps, and you can keep your original phone number if you want. Ooma also has some neat extra features like sending voicemail to email or text message and also lets you block known telemarketers.

Ooma Telo is better than other VoIP services like Vonage because you're paying up front for the device and then, except for taxes, don't have to pay for anything ever again unless you want to. With Vonage's best deal you're paying $10 a month, which means Ooma Telo pays for itself over that service in half a year with this deal.

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