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For as little as $3.29 a month you can use NordVPN to secure your browser's connection

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of your day you spend connecting to networks that aren't your own? Whether you're working at a Starbucks, trying to finish something up at the airport before your flight, or sitting in the public library, odds are you're connected to a network that isn't the most secure without even thinking about it. Daily we do things like accessing our bank account, pay bills, send personal emails, and much more, all while not knowing if someone is tracking these moves and getting ready to steal your information.

Sounds a bit scary, huh? Well, personal information is something that should be kept personal, and luckily there are some easy ways to protect yourself. Odds are, by now you've heard of Virtual Proxy Networks, or VPNs, but you may be wondering why you would want to invest in one, right? Some of them can be a bit expensive, and others are unusually cheap, leaving you wondering which to end up with. NordVPN is one of the many great services (opens in new tab) out there, and right now you can save big on its plans.

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If you could protect yourself, and the information on your computer, from unprotected networks for just $4 a month, would you be interested? You should be! NordVPN offers double data encryption, which encrypts your data twice (and is the only company offering it), fast speeds, a strict no logs policy, automatic kill switch in case your VPN session drops off, and much more. The company has server locations in 57 different countries and covers every continent except for Antartica (because penguins don't browse the web!).

Signing up for one year of service scores you the discounted $4 a month rate, and signing up for two years can get you an even deeper discount. If you just want to give the one-year plan a try, you'll need to use coupon code NORD70 for the lower price, and for the two-year plan use code 2YSpecial2017. These offers from NordVPN (opens in new tab) won't last very long, so you'll want to act quick so you don't miss out!

Save up to 72%

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You may be worried about investing in something you've never used before, but don't worry. NordVPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so there is no risk in trying its service. You won't know if a VPN works for you until you give it a shot. Here is a way to try it without worrying about losing a boatload of cash, and if you like it then you score a sweet deal (opens in new tab) on the next two years of protection!

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  • This service is one of the worst I've used. You folks should really stop hocking it. When it does connect, it's painfully slow....and that's just standard web browsing. Worse, a lot of sites don't work with this service--they specifically block the IPs from several of this service's locations.
  • My experience is quite the opposite. Great speeds, stable connection and only a couple of sites throw a fit. The important stuff is there too, it's not in a 14 eyes country etc. Sorry to hear it didn't work for you but to say because your experience sucked they shouldn't advertise it is a little ridiculous...
  • Agreed, I've used several "recommended" VPN services over the years and NordVPN is by far the best.
  • The new Opera browser has VPN built in and free of charge. There are clients with more servers around the world, but heck, nothing beats FREE.
  • VPN and free normally no good..
  • Yup, same, very fast, reliable, good p2p services, no log, based in panama... just great!