Grab the Nanfu Qi-enabled 10W fast wireless charging stand with cooling fan for $9.88 when you click this 62% off promo link. The stand normally sells for around $26 and doesn't drop from that price except through neat deals like this.

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Nanfu Qi-enabled 10W fast wireless charging stand

This is a special Amazon link that should automatically take 62% off the price of the stand. That's a huge chunk and brings it down to one of its lowest prices ever.

$9.88 $26 $16 Off

The stand's built-in cooling fan helps keep your device from heating up, especially while it's charging. It protects your phone and the stand at the same time. Other safety features protect you from overcharging, foreign object detection, temperature control, and more. You'll be able to get 10W fast charging with Android smartphones like the Galaxy S10 and 7.5W charging with the iPhone. All Qi-compatible devices will work. The PowerWave technology will wirelessly charge even through cases up to 5mm thick. Users give it 4 stars based on 73 reviews.

You will need a wall adapter, especially with Quick Charge, if you want to get the most out of the stand.

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