As new technology rolls out, gadgets that used to seem expensive and unattainable can suddenly be well within reach. I paid over $100 for a pair of wireless earbuds last year, but you can snag a pair from Amazon right now for only $23.99. Just add the Letscom True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds to your cart and apply code 40ZXNKNI to get that discount, which is close to half off the usual price.

Ear Buddies

Letscom True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Add a pair of truly wireless headphones to your gear arsenal at nearly 50% off. Make sure to use the code below to get your discount!

$24 $40 $16 Off

With coupon: 40ZXNKNI

These handy headphones come with all of the features you'd expect. The earbuds are comfortable and deliver a highly-rated sound experience, while the Bluetooth connectivity is quick and seamless. Additional pairs of ear tips are included for the perfect fit. The battery lasts for up to 12 hours on a single charge, and when you need to top them off, pop them in the included case for an additional nine hours of power. One-button controls allow you to control music playback and take phone calls.

Note that there is an upgraded version of the product mentioned above, which you can check out here. There's a 10% off clippable coupon on that product page if you want to go the new-and-shiny route.

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