I'll admit, my keys are a bit of a bulky mess. Because of this, I don't really like keeping them in my jeans pocket. And because of this, I often wonder where I sat them down or which bag or jacket pocket I left them in. The KeyChain Pro solves both problems in one nifty product. It combines a compact keychain organizer with an integrated Tile Bluetooth tracker so your keys will all be in one place, and that will be a place that you know.

You can fit up to 10 keys in your KeySmart Pro and there's also a built-in LED light, bottle opener and a loop piece for attaching your car key fob, too. Each key folds inward so you're left with a slim, pocketable keychain. That, in itself, is awesome and well worth investing in.

Lost and found

KeySmart Pro

Say goodbye to bulky keys (and lost keys) with all-time low pricing on the KeySmart Pro. It keeps your keys organized and compact, and you'll always know where they are.

$38.39 $59.99 $22 off

However, it's the built-in Tile functionality that makes this a no-brainer. It lets you track your missing keys on a map from the free Tile app on your phone. If you've just mislaid your keys around the house, you can have the app make the KeySmart Pro play a tune so you can hunt them down. If you've lost your keys outside of the home, the Tile community automatically helps pinpoint its last known location in the Tile app to give you a fighting chance of finding them. If you misplace your phone, you can also press a button on the KeySmart Pro to make your phone ring — even if it is on silent. All of the functionality of a standalone Tile device.

Check out our review of the KeySmart Pro for an in-depth look at exactly how it works if you need to know more.

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