The Kano Pixel Kit teaches kids the basics of coding step-by-step so they can learn to program their own lightshow, and today it's at one of its best prices in history via Amazon. Now at $32.99, this deal is just 10 cents away from the lowest the product has ever reached while saving you nearly $20 off what it costs on average.

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Kano Pixel Kit

The Kano Pixel Kit utilizes step-by-step challenges to guide your child through coding and programming. It's nearly at its lowest price ever too.

$32.99 $51.30 $18 Off

This kit helps kids learn to code through step-by-step challenges. First they'll build the kit, then they can code 128 lights to display sequences of lights in their choice of 16 million colors. From painting pictures to making the lights bump to music, kids will even get an introduction to JavaScript. The kit works wirelessly with Mac, PC, Linux, and the rest of Kano's Computer Kits. It comes with a one-year warranty and requires absolutely no technical knowledge to put together or operate.

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