Your indoor smart home setup is great, but porch lights need love, too. With the iClever outdoor smart plug, you can bring your outdoor appliances into your smart home and even gain support for voice control. It's down to $21.99 on Amazon when you use code OUTDOOR2199 during checkout. This plug has been selling for around around $26 for the last couple of months but before that it averaged $29. Today's deal matches the lowest price we've ever seen for it.

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iClever Outdoor Smart Plug

Bring your outdoor tech into your smart home with this weatherproof dual-port smart plug. You'll gain app- and voice-control, and the below coupon code makes sure you snag it for its best price to date.

$21.99 $25.99 $4 off

With coupon: OUTDOOR2199

Whether you want to use iClever's free app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant, all you need to get this plug working is a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network — no need for an additional hub or base station. You'll be able to turn electronics on or off remotely and even set automatic timers to a schedule that suits you. That way you can use it to have the lights ready for you when you come home or set them to turn on and off randomly while you're away on vacation. The plug is water and dust resistant, so there are no worries about it breaking down despite being open to the elements outside. It also has built-in protection from power surges and overheating. Users give it 4.1 stars based on 220 reviews.

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