Beef up your Hulu subscription with a discount on SHOWTIME + STARZ premium channels for six months

Hulu (Image credit: Hulu)

Having a cable bill and subscribing to premium channels can cost you big time, but you can actually subscribe to those premium channels for less via streaming services like Hulu. In fact, through the end of the month, Hulu is offering $5 off its SHOWTIME + STARZ bundle for new and returning subscribers. That brings its monthly subscription price down to $14.99 from $19.99. This offer is only valid for the first six months you're subscribed, after which the discount will end and you'll have to pay its regular monthly price to continue the service. You can also choose to cancel your subscription at any time, even before six months is up.

Now's your chance to add-on SHOWTIME and STARZ premium channels to your Hulu subscription at a $5 discount for the next six months!

With a subscription to SHOWTIME + STARZ, you'll be able to watch both channels live as new content is aired or watch previously aired shows and movies on-demand! They both offer some really fantastic shows like Shameless, Power, Homeland, and the first four seasons of Dexter, along with tons of recently released and classic films like Toy Story 3, Venom, Baby Driver, and 13 Going On 30. New options are made available to watch on a consistent basis.

Of course, you'll need to have an active Hulu membership to get in on this deal. If you don't have one yet, you can start your Hulu membership today for as low as $5.99 per month. Alternatively, students can sign up for a Spotify + Hulu + Showtime bundle for $4.99 per month, which is a much better deal if you are eligible for it.

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