How many hidden power outlets are going unused in your home due to their awkward placement behind your entertainment stand, bookshelf, and other furniture? It's time to finally make use of them by picking up this three-pack of 1-foot extension cords by FIRMERST. It's normally sold around $13 on average, but entering code BB031FTBLK during checkout at Amazon will drop its price down to just $8.99. That's a few dollars lower than they've ever reached without a coupon.

So Handy

FIRMERST 1-foot Extension Cords, 3-pack

These extension cords were designed to work in tight spaces, and today you can score a three-pack at a $4 discount using the code below.

$8.99 $12.97 $4 Off

With coupon: BB031FTBLK

These heavy-duty 1875W extension cords are extremely sturdy yet flexible and feature a slim, flat plug which makes them easy to plug in even if something is right up against the wall beside the outlet. It's also helpful if you are using a large power adapter, as these extension cords don't block the outlet above or below where they're plugged in.

At Amazon, more than 120 customers left reviews for these extension cords resulting in a high rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

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