This adapter lets you add Bluetooth to any car for literally only $2

If you're stuck with a vehicle that doesn't offer Bluetooth connectivity, you don't have to be! With a device like this Portable Wireless Bluetooth Adapter, you can plug it directly into your car's AUX input and start streaming music straight to its radio wirelessly. While it's normally affordably priced at just $8, today you can save 70% on its purchase and snag one for only $2. You'll see the discount applied during checkout. At that price, it's worth adding to your next Amazon order just to see how it works for you, though it's likely this deal won't last for much longer.

You can actually use this device with more than just your car. You could plug it into any wired device with an AUX input to add wireless functionality to it, from stereo systems to wired headphones and more. It comes with an AUX connector that can be easily detached depending on how you're planning to use the adapter. The adapter has a battery life of eight hours, after which point it'll need to be recharged.

Many states are adopting cellphone bans for drivers, so if you ever plan on taking calls in your vehicle, having one of these could even save you from getting a ticket. Once plugged in, you'll be able to take calls hands-free while keeping both hands on the wheel.

Alex Smith
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