DIY projects and home repairs can become pretty pricey quickly, which is why you should consider shopping today's AmazonBasics Home Improvement Sale that's full of items to help keep the cost low. Many of these products are already on sale, and using code ABHOME during checkout can score you an additional 15% off for a limited time to drop their price even further. However, the coupon is limited to one use per account.

Home Sweet Home

AmazonBasics Home Improvement products

Today's sale gives you the chance to bring already affordable products down to even lower prices, from refrigerator water filters to towel racks, LED light bulbs, and more.

Prices Vary

With coupon: ABHOME

One item you might not think about purchasing from AmazonBasics is a water filter for your refrigerator, but they have a ton of options that are well-rated and inexpensive. You'll need to search the sale to find the right model for your home, and Amazon has a helpful tool at the top of each of their product pages which can help tell you whether that model will fit in your refrigerator or not.

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There are several security safes in today's sale too, like this AmazonBasics Security Safe that drops to $48 using the code above, along with products like LED light bulbs, extension cords, electronic deadbolts, a hand-held showerhead and much more.

To make sure you don't miss out on any possibilities, be sure to take a look at the full sale on Amazon, and don't forget to use code ABHOME during checkout!

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