Amazon is offering new subscribers and returning members a two-month Kindle Unlimited Trial for only $0.99 right now. This service usually costs $9.99 per month, which is the rate it'll renew at unless you cancel your subscription before your trial ends. You will not be penalized for cancelling your subscription.

Readers Rejoice

Kindle Unlimited, two-month trial

Kindle Unlimited offers access to millions of titles that you can read whenever you want with your membership, from Harry Potter to cookbooks and much more. Thousands of audiobooks are included too! Today's deal scores you two months for only $1.

$0.99 $19.98 $19 Off

I've been a Kindle Unlimited member for over a year, and it is well worth the cost. It's one of those memberships that I don't think I'll ever cancel. You get access to over a million titles, spanning from technical documents to cookbooks to fantasy novels to nonfiction. Need a self-help book? Want to re-read Harry Potter for the seventeenth time? It's all there, and it's all free with your membership.

You don't need a Kindle to read, either. Amazon makes it easy to read thanks to its free Kindle reading apps for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.

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You can keep up to ten titles at a time, and when you feel like swapping them out, the process is seamless. I'm always shocked at the wide variety of available options. More than a dozen times, I've gone to purchase a Thrifter Kindle book deal, only to find that the title in question is already free thanks to Kindle Unlimited. You can take advantage of thousands of audiobooks, too, if you want to spice up your commute or listen while you cook and clean. The options are almost endless. If this all sounds enticing, be sure to get in on this stellar deal before it expires later this month.

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