Third-generation Nest arrives in the UK for £199

Alphabet has announced that the third-gen Nest smart thermostat is now readily available for purchase in the UK. The latest version of the connected home accessory was launched a few months ago and has already been made available in the US. You can now buy it here in the UK for £199.99.

So what's new in the third generation of Nest? Not only is it better looking than before, but the smart thermostat has also been to the gym to shred some bulk. There's also a handy new feature that ties in nicely with the now larger display, called Farsight. This enables Nest to detect when you walk into the room and wakes up the thermostat or set pre-configured temperatures.

Speaking of which, Alphabet has added even more sensors to Nest to make it that much more accurate in reading ambient temperatures. Finally, the new Nest thermostat will even monitor your boiler and display a message should it detect an issue with your heating setup. This feature will be hitting first and second-generation Nest installations later this year, but for now it's a new-gen exclusive.

As a Europe exclusive, the company will offer customers the Heat Link with the thermostat, which can be connected to your boiler to control hot water schedules from your smartphone or Nest itself. Secondly, advanced modulation will see Nest communicate with compatible boilers to only use as much gas as is required to either heat to or maintain desired temperatures, which should help you save even more money.

See the official product listing for more information.

Buy the third-generation Nest for £199

Source: Nest

Rich Edmonds