These Nest Outdoor Camera Skins Could Extend Life of your Investment

Nest Cam with silicone cover
Nest Cam with silicone cover (Image credit: Google)

Nest may be best known for its smart thermostats, but the Google-owned company also makes an outstanding line of outdoor cameras for adding a touch of security to your home.

The Nest Cam Outdoor features IP65 weatherproofing, which means it'll keep out dust and protect the internals from low-pressure water jets. But depending on where you're installing in your home, the last thing you'd want is your $200 outdoor camera to break because of a spot of heavy rain.

A skin will also protect the camera case itself from UV deterioration, and let you camouflage your Nest cam into the exterior of your home. Just know that you can't put on the skins if your camera is already installed.

Wasserstein Silicone Skins for Next Outdoor Camera

Wasserstein is the first company we'll highlight. They offer eight styles of silicone skins for your outdoor Nest Cam, allowing you to find the right color to match the exterior of your home. The skins included will cover the camera body itself along with the magnetic mount to add an extra bit of protection from the elements. These are easy enough to slip onto your Nest Cam, as long as you haven't already mounted the Nest Cam to the side of your home. You can get a single skin for one camera for just $9.99, or double down with a two-pack starting as low as $11.99.

Wasserstein also makes other accessories for Next Cam Outdoors, including a suction cup mounting bracket, or a twisty gooseneck mount to help open up options for installing your Nest Cams around your home.

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Meffort Silicone Case for Nest Outdoor Camera

If you're planning to install a Nest Cam along a wall of your home that isn't protected by your roof, you might be very interested in this offering from Meffort. Unlike the other skins on this list, Meffort has included a bit of an overhang on its skin to better protect the camera from sun glare and rain. It may confuse would-be intruders into mistaking it for an outdoor light.

These covers are available in either black or brown for just $9 each, and are a great option for your Outdoor Nest Cam.

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Sully Silicone Skins for Next Camera [2-pack]

If you've got more than one Nest Cameras and want to keep them all protected and matching, Sully offers two-packs of silicone skins for keeping your cameras protected. Available in black, brown, or grey, you can get a set that matches the exterior of your home for just $12.

Again, you'll need to install these before you mount the cameras around your home. For a slim and precise fit for your multiple outdoor Nest Cams, you'll want to consider a two-pack from Sully.

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