Yule needs a Yule Log, does it not?

There have been Yule Log DVDs around for as long as there have been DVD players, but let's face it, these all suck. That's a DVD you have to store all year long that always has the same boring music and the same low quality video year after year. We can do better! We have the technology! With a Chromecast in your big-screen, skip the boring old DVDs and cast one of these excellent Yule Logs instead!

Vader Yule Log

Is this a five hour video of a son burning his father's dead body? Yes, yes, it is. Is that a really morbid thing to put on your digital fireplace this Christmas? Yes, yes, it is. Is this still a really cool, really nerdy Yule Log?

Why yes, yes, it is.

BB-8 Yule Log

Sphero, makers of the adorable BB-8 toys that we all wanted so badly last Christmas, has released a Yule Log so that we can get nerdy without, y'know, desecrating a corpse. BB-8 moves his head about and chirps happily as he sits warm by the hearth, apparently resting atop a- is that a wookie pelt?

Marvel Fireplace Series

Marvel teamed up with Coca-Cola to help put superheroes on your hearth all through the holiday. They have five Yule Log videos from Captain America and Thor to the Guardians of the Galaxy. You even get two lovely views: a more traditional Close Up Yule Log loop or a more detailed home view. Each loop has its own details, sounds, and quirks, from vintage carols on Cap's to technological chirps on Iron Man's.

Nick Offerman's Yule Log

You may know Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson from NBC's Parks and Rec. He and Lagavulin got together and produced both a Christmas Eve Yule Log video and a 'New Year's Eve' Countdown that feature Nick Offerman being Nick Offerman, sipping some lovely single-malt scotch, and staring in the general direction of the camera for a ridiculously long amount of time. Each video has its own quirk, but seeing an entire party going on behind the New Year's Eve video, complete with singing and fireworks is pretty ridiculous.

Hulu's Streaming Wonderland

Where's the meat?

Want to go beyond the fireplace? Hulu is here for you with other cute, festive videos to place on your big screen instead. Watch syrup drip out of a maple tree, Santa get stuck in the chimney, or best of all: watch a gorgeous stnading rib roast cook to tender, mouth-watering perfect, in an old-fashioned gas oven, no less.

Hulu's Streaming Wonderland

Google Play Music Chromecast Fireplace Visualizer

Apples roasting on an open fire...

Want a fireplace Yule Log without hearing music you hate? Google Play Music's got you covered. You can make any song a Yule Log with their Chromecast Fireplace Visualizer, which replaced the ultra-zoomed and usually awful album art with a roasting fire. This is a yule log you can use all year round (and I do).

How to enable Google Play Music Chromecast Fireplace Visualizer

Warner Brothers Classic Christmas Yule Log

Dont' want to hassle with building a playlist for your log? You just want some holiday songs and a crackling fireplace? Okay. We can do that, too. Warner Brother's two-hour loop is as modern as it is classic, with songs from Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Idina Menzel.

PBS Newshour 4K Yule Log

You don't even want music, just a nice, crisp, crackling fire? PBS has got you covered. No ads, no muss, no fuss. Fine.

Whatever Yule Log you use, have a happy holiday, and celebrate as much or little as you want. Save me a piece of fudge!