Know someone who's really into Android and tech-related stuff and looking for that perfect but unexpected gift? It can be hard trying to find the perfect gift for anyone, and we're here to help. From the practical to the whimsical, these are the non-tech gifts your Android fan will love.

Peak Design V2 Backpack Render

Keep your life organized: Peak Design Everyday Backpack (Version 2)

Staff Pick

Although this isn't tech related, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack is sure to make that Android fan happy. The bag has customizable compartments and is capable of holding much more than just a laptop and a spare phone for traveling.

$260 at Amazon
Dead Zebra Android Andy Figure

Show off your fandom: Dead Zebra Andy Android Vinyl Figure

The obvious choice for that Android fan is this Andy vinyl figure from Dead Zebra. This is one of the latest editions of the collectible figurine designed by Andrew Bell and shows Andy holding onto his Android device. Plus, the figure measures in at just 4 inches, so it can comfortably be displayed on any desk or shelf.

$16 at Amazon
Bellroy Leather Key Cover

Organize your keys: Bellroy Leather Key Cover

Jangling keys can be one of the most annoying sounds for some and the Bellroy Leather Key Cover helps solve that issue. Along with holding up to four keys, the Key Cover also sports a bi-fold design and a magnetic closure to keep your keys secure. Plus, there is a loop on the outside to attach your car's key-fob for easy access.

$45 at Amazon
Chop Sabers Light Saber Chopsticks

The force is strong: Chop Sabers LightSaber Chopsticks

The force is strong with whoever decides to get these ChopSabers Light Saber Chopsticks. This four-pack of chopsticks offers four different color variations and will light up after pressing the button on the bottom. Then when the battle has ended, just hit the switch, clean them up, and put them away for safekeeping until the next battle.

$22 at Amazon
Sierra Modern Home Table

Next-level tables: Sierra Modern Home Speaker Table with Wireless Charging

It's not enough for an end table to just look good. This "Smart" table from Sierra Modern is made of walnut, has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and a Qi wireless charging top. Additionally, the table includes USB ports and an auxiliary port on the back in the event that you want to plug into a headphone jack instead of connecting via Bluetooth.

$100 at Amazon
PaperCode Luxury Notebooks

Write everything down: PaperCode Luxury Notebook Journal (2-pack)

Having a notebook on your phone is super handy, especially if you use something like Evernote or Keep Notes for cross-platform compatibility. However, there's just something about putting pen to paper that makes keeping your tasks and reminders even easier. This pack of notebooks from PaperCode offers perforated pages, an inner pocket, and two ribbon bookmarks to keep things even more organized.

$16 at Amazon
Boncoo Touch Control Edison Lamp

Dimmable excellence: Boncoo Touch Control Edison Lamp

Regardless of where you find them, Edison lamps are some of the coolest light sources you can find and they are even better if you have one of your own. This Edison Lamp from Boncoo offers touch controls, with three different light settings in addition to turning off completely. That means no more fiddling with switches just to get your light turned on in the dark.

$26 at Amazon

Take them off guard and have fun

Having a great backpack simply cannot be understated and with the Peak Design Everyday Backpack, that Android fan will enjoy every moment of using the bag. Peak Design includes customizable sections, along with enough space for phones, tablets, a laptop, and even camera gear, leaving even more room to spare. With the included MagLatch on the top, the bag is sure to stay secure along with all of the valuables inside of it.

If you're looking for something Android-related without being tech-related, then you can't go wrong with the Dead Zebra Andy Vinyl Figure. These figures have been around for years, and the latest edition shows Andy using a phone of their own. And it's small enough to be shown off and displayed either on a desk or shelf with others.

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