Telegram makes it easier to create video stickers, improves reactions

Telegram menu
Telegram menu (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Telegram has released a new update that introduces support for video stickers without needing special software.
  • The app's message reactions also gained more compact animations and new improvements.
  • New reactions and interactive emoji, as well as an easier way to navigate recent chats, have been added.

Telegram keeps getting better with each update, making it one of the best messaging apps for Android. In the latest update, the service has rolled out support for video stickers, new improvements for message reactions, a simpler way to navigate recent chats, and more.

The new version allows you to convert regular videos into animated stickers using any video editor. The process makes it easier to create your own stickers without having to rely on some special skills or use specialized software such as Adobe Illustrator. Telegram has also published a guide to help you get started with video sticker creation.

The iMessage-style reactions, which were first introduced in the previous version, has gained new improvements. These reactions now have more compact animations, though you can still send a larger effect, as you could previously, by pressing and holding on a reaction in the menu.

Both the sender and the recipient's reactions will be synchronized. This means that the recipient will be able to see your reactions to a message in real time. Telegram has also added a read status to reactions, letting you know when someone has seen your reaction.

In addition to those upgrades, Telegram has introduced five new reactions including 🥰🤯🤔🤬👏, which you can also send as interactive emoji via a private chat. You can tap on the animated emoji to see a synchronized fullscreen effect.

The messsaging platform also now lets you navigate through chats more easily by holding and pressing the back button to return to a specific chat. There are improvements to call quality as well, along with the ability to send silent messages through the share menu.

These updates are part of Telegram version 8.5, which is rolling out on Android phones and iPhones.

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