Teaser video suggests Galaxy Tab 2

We know "something big is coming" from Samsung at Mobile World Congress in a few short weeks. And if this leaked teaser video (which almost looks unfinished) is any indication (and if it's real), we could well be looking at a Galaxy Tab 2. The rumor mill's got it coming with a Tegra 2 processor, and nobody can make up their minds on the screen tech.

And by the way, that SamsungUnpacked site has changed slightly, with word of an invite-only event Feb. 13, and open event Feb. 14. Guess we'll have to go to Barcelona to find out what's what. And go we shall. [YouTube via OLED-Display]

  • Lol... pretty horrible teaser video.
    Probably unfinished. But didn't the galaxy tab just come out? The first one?
  • Apparently its considered old now, so we need a new one.
  • Screw all of these tab's. If I wanted a tab I would just root the color book. @ $250.00 you can't beat it.
  • i dont even think it's a real teaser video.
  • I love my tab got it for $250. I dropped data from my phone plan and carry and tiny little dumbphone and the tab. Tab handles data and text. Tab has eliminated my laptop with logmein and still fits in my pocket. I really like the bigger screen for my scalene and surfing. Can't wait for #2.
  • Well, let's hope Samsung can learn to: 1) Have reasonable pricing
    2) Have WiFi-only models
    3) Eliminate the proprietary connectors- we want standard USB for charging and data. Stop trying to be Apple.
    4) Update their equipment in a reasonable way (no MS-Windows-only programs, just download image and place on card)
    5) Update their equipment more frequently. Don't release brand new models with outdated versions of Android and then lag 6 months (or worse) behind companies like HTC.
    6) Create a form factor larger than 7". Nothing wrong with having a 7" model, but 10" should be a high-priority target. I am not hopeful
  • I think ill pass. I just don't trust Samsung at this point
  • Why dont you trust them?
  • There is no way to know if a company will stay current and timely with updates except to look at their past track record. Samsung's is pretty dismal. This is probably why he doesn't "trust" them anymore.
  • Nop... still waiting for the HTC TABLET with sense.... no more samsung for me they might be stuck on 2.3 after 3 updates later... HTC haa been smooth, and awesome products in the markets...
  • I have an EVO a Gtab, Archos 70, & ipad please helpme I have a sickness LoL I will prob. Get the HTC tab also. I realy love tha archos.
  • I need a tablet powered by Tegra 2 with SAMOLED+ but at 10" ... :/
  • i hope for the Consumers, Samsung at least can ship the next Tab with Honeycomb. PLEASE DONT SETTLE FOR NOTHING LESS THAN HONEYCOMB. and Wi-Fi only
  • At 10 inches I wants a varient of windows OS and I want to buy it at OfficeMax not Verizon. I don't want 3g, 4g, 5g etc. 10 inches doesn't replace my mobile tech. At 7 inches it does. I never see people standing in line at the bank or wherever with an ipad. I have seen 2 other people with tabs in those situations already......
  • Wouldn't suprise me if it were real, to continue to compete in the tab market it would need to have a dual core CPU. I almost my bought my wife a tab for Christmas, but decided to wait for... 1) dual CPU
    2) honeycomb
    3) Reasonably priced (Samsung pricing was way out of control)
  • Thank God I didn't pick one up last week.
  • I'd buy it if they make it a REAL TABLET not an oversized cell phone w/o the phone! And make it reasonably price - notice how apple was able to make the ipad 10" and it's still cheaper than all these 7" tabs coming out? get rid of that 7" crap and go with a REAL tablet!
  • Isn't that what an iPad is too? And look how many sold. Everyone has a preference of size. Personally, I like the 7" maybe 8" wouldn't be a bad idea. But I can't say it wouldn't be a good idea for samsung to make two sizes.
  • Would it really matter? With only a 1.2 GHz single core processor, Honeycomb so close to release and Samsung's history or providing updates I'd say this is pretty much DOA. Not that it didn't have its day but I think it has passed.
  • This would even be bad as some sort of inside sales pitch to Samsung. Gotta be fake, plus it shows nothing new or different. They aren't teasing anything.
  • zzzZzzzZzzzZzzz wake me when my epic gets froyo zzzZzzZzz
  • Im just wondering if anyone has emailed htc just to tell em how much the majority of us love them. For the nex one and then hopefully they'll always be be awesome and make the nexus two? ! And dont turn out as a sell out like samsuck. Someone in the htc headquarters or even in the basement should read n see the love ..their products should always own.
  • The Galaxy Tab could have been one epic device in North America but sadly, Samsung bent over for the carriers and took out the calling features. How awesome would it be to have a true all in one device like we've been striving for all these years with technology? What a stupid move Samsung, I hope you fail more in North America. Now we'll have to wait for Apple to provide a "small" sized tablet that can make calls and they'll claim "first"! Just kill me now....
  • I'll pass, no honeycomb.