The LG G6 will be reliable. That's the message the company wants to convey in a teaser provided to Android Central this week. The placard, similar in style to others released to various publications, asks, "Reliability. Check, Check Check."

An exclusive teaser provided to AC.

The message comes at a time when LG — and all other manufacturers — are under increased scrutiny for quality on both the hardware and software side after Samsung's brush with phone death in the Note 7. The company has also had its own share of issues in recent years, with a small but vocal group frustrated with what it calls a "bootloop epidemic" on devices like the G4, G5, V10, and V20 that LG has failed to address.

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The G6 provides an opportunity for LG to wipe the slate clean and start again, both in the eyes of loyal early adopters, many of whom still covet the company's unique flagships, and more casual customers who look at LG's mid-range devices as a viable alternative to Samsung's popular Galaxy A and J series.

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While the teaser doesn't provide much in the way of detail, LG has hinted again and again that it is taking every possible precaution with its new product to ensure quality and longevity; a video released in January showcased people who wanted a "more reliable" phone who didn't want to "keep paying for a cracked screen," which suggests LG may incorporate a free or low-cost screen replacement program in addition to outfitting the phone with Gorilla Glass 5.

Reliability is going to be a spec in 2017, emphasized alongside speeds and feeds.

Of course, such campaigns are not new for any phone maker, especially those whose marketing budgets are not as sky-high as its main competition, but LG feels like it has a few distinct advantages this time around. First, the G6 is the first major Android flagship of 2017, and comes after a very publicized mea culpa from its biggest rival, Samsung. It will also have a significant time-to-market advantage over the next big release, the Galaxy S8 — even if it means not sporting the latest Qualcomm processor. That lead time, even if it is only a month or so, is potentially significant for LG, as it hasn't had a major worldwide flagship success in a couple of years given the questionable decisions of the G5 and the limited release of the admittedly excellent V20.

By now we know a lot about what the G6 will look like and what it will do — it will have a tall QHD display with slim bezels, an improved 32-bit Quad DAC, dual cameras, waterproofing, Google Assistant, and a Snapdragon 821 instead of the newer 835 — but now we're getting a better sense of the more holistic way LG will approach selling it.

Reliability is going to be a spec in 2017, emphasized alongside speeds and feeds. It's going to be one of the major selling points for Samsung's upcoming flagships and every other Android manufacturer stuffing a high-capacity Lithium Ion battery inside its metal phones. LG is no exception, but it has a lot more to lose if, after all the work it has done to revamp the G series' aesthetics, it still gets accused of failing to prevent bootloops or hardware malfunctions.

So given all that, LG's emphasis on reliability — and why it shared this exclusive teaser with Android Central — is not surprising. Check, Check, Check it says. You can be sure that, when the G6 is revealed on February 26, everyone will know exactly what the company is doing to keep its phones from failing.



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