Get this massive Samsung tablet for just $380 for Black Friday

Multiple windows open on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE
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Do you want a 12.4-inch tablet that gives you tons of screen real estate for streaming your favorite shows while checking out other apps on the side? The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is hundreds off for Black Friday, and is the best Samsung tablet available that won't cost you several hundreds more for premium specs. 

You can get the 4GB/64GB configuration for $379 ($150 off) or the 8GB/256GB variant for $450 ($230 off). Both models give you all the essentials: a gigantic screen with included S Pen for swiping through apps, paired with a marathoner 10,090mAh battery that'll last you a dozen hours easily, and with stereo speakers to make your movie nights even better.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE: $530 $378.99 at Amazon (64GB) | $680 $449.99 at Amazon (256GB)

Our Galaxy Tab S7 FE reviewer had plenty of praise for this Fan Edition tablet, saying it's a great purchase for anyone who wants a pixel-rich all-day tablet for streaming or scrolling the web. It's light for its size but is still heavier than most tablets, so be prepared for that. The tablet has a 1TB expandable storage slot, so you can make do with 64GB if you need to; but if you plan to use multitasking or demanding gaming apps, we recommend upgrading to the 8GB model!

The "best" Black Friday tablet deal available today is on the Galaxy Tab S8+, which is also $150-$200 off depending on how much storage you buy. It's the best Android tablet available by far, with the same 12.4-inch display but upgraded from 60Hz LCD to 120Hz AMOLED, and packing a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip instead of a mid-range Snapdragon 750G, plus 8GB of RAM by default. You even get quad Dolby Atmos speakers and a better selfie camera for video calls with family.

But in exchange, the Tab S8+ will cost you much more, so the S7 FE is what we recommend unless you need a tablet for serious work as well as play.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ | $900 $652.99 at Amazon

Arguably the best Android tablet available, the Galaxy Tab S8+ is surprisingly affordable for Black Friday. It offers a much speedier experience than the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, with a smooth-scrolling AMOLED display to make it more tempting. But if you can't afford the extra cost, the Fan Edition tablet is still a solid purchase. 

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