T-Mobile's Samsung Bigfoot Coming Soon

Official news of the T-Mobile Bigfoot has been pretty hard to track down. We first assumed it was an HTC-built device, than heard it was Motorola made, and the latest reports pegged it as a Samsung Android Phone. Well, BGR has cleared it up for us--the T-Mobile Bigfoot will be made by Samsung and it'll be releasing soon, as in this summer soon.

The rumored specs are nice: 3 inch capacitive AMOLED screen, 3 megapixel camera, HSDPA. It obviously lacks the hardware buttons (call, end, menu, home) that Android seems to be known for, so we'll keep an eye out for more information.

What do you guys think? Is this the Samsung Bigfoot aka the T-mobile G1 v2 ?

Casey Chan
  • Looks good, however 3 megapixel camera? Its like change the skin from the g1 htc to a samsung.. I want a nice camera support.
  • Looks really nice, well apart from the crazy radiation green accents. The amoled screen should be pretty nice, Samsung really seems to have embraced the screen technology big time....which is good to see.
  • still waiting for moto-droid on ATT, until then I'm sticking with my G1, Samsung phones =/= good
  • Recently I read a phone review of item with AMOLED screen and it was said that the screen was totally unreadable outdoors. Is this correct? There are sunlight readable LCD screens but I do not see them used in consumer phones and the current LCD screens are > 90% unreadable outdoors in bright sunlight. Are the phone companies at fault for writing poor specifications or is it they just do not care about customer usability (i.e. just sell the thing)?