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T-Mobile's 'personal' Uncarrier 7.0 event to be held at San Francisco store on September 10

T-Mobile CEO John Legere
T-Mobile CEO John Legere (Image credit: Android Central)

T-Mobile's scheduled their next Uncarrier event (this one being Uncarrier 7.0), and they're holding it on September 10th. The tagline for this event? "This time it's personal"… whatever that means. Unlike previous Uncarrier events, which have taken over convention spaces and theaters, this one is being held at the T-Mobile retail store at the corner of Market St and 3rd St in San Francisco. It's a little store. In fact, the sidewalk outside might be bigger than the store inside.

T-Mobile's walking into the fire here, though, with Apple's likely iPhone 6 and maybe iWatch event scheduled for the preceding day, and sure to be still consuming media coverage around the nation.

At the last Uncarrier event we saw not just the unveiling of T-Mobile's week-long network trial, but also their exemption of streaming music services from data allowances. What T-Mobile and CEO John Legere have in store for the 10th, we're not sure, but we can bet it'll be full of bombast and swearing.

Source: TmoNews

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  • Although I'm not on Tmobile, I do enjoy how they are shaking up the industry. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This. I like TMobile as a company. I'll switch back in the future (between them and Sprint), once they expand their coverage.
  • It's always been pretty plain and simple for me since June 2012. T-Mobile is the carrier game today. If you're not rolling with T-Mobile then you're simply not rolling at all nothing else matters. From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App
  • Damn flies getting in the way.....
  • I loled Posted via Android Central App
  • I disagree.. Carriers depend on the area :). Posted via my T-Mobile Note 3 using the AC App.
  • Don't entertain him and don't belittle yourself but trying to debate out justify anything when it comes to a comment from him ~My $0.02~
  • He never really replies to people anyways. One and done on every post. Usually. Posted via Android Central App
  • Probably the same in the sack...... Posted via Android Central App from a beautiful Ebony backed Moto X or the amazing Nexus 10
  • Damn, someone's going to need some aloe for THAT BURN!
  • And its the same carbon copy BS every time. Brings nothing to the conversation
  • Your opinion doesn't matter lol. Posted via Android Central App
  • I have been rolling with TMobile since 2009. Sent from my Nexus5
    On T-Mobiles blazing fast LTE networks. Posted via Android Central App
  • What are you rolling with T-Mobile?
    Rocks down a hill? A spare? Pizza dough? Posted via Android Central App- Via HTC One
  • +1! Sent from my HTC One
  • Well, it IS personal after all... So a small venue is just in order. I hope they come up with something good for PERSONAL plans. I hate that they focus on family, shared plans.
  • Personal or individual plan update seems like the obvious, probably in response to Sprints plan changes. Posted via Android Central App
  • That's what I'm hoping for. Although, knowing what we know of John Legere, "it's personal" could mean that he's challenging the CEOs of the other 3 big wireless companies to a Royal Rumble or Tables/Ladders/Chairs match or something.
  • I'd pay 9.99 to see that.. Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5
  • 9.99? Inflation eh. I'd pay a dollah.
  • They have to make enough money to pay off that fine they were just it with, 9.99 seems reasonable cost usually his the consumer somehow ~My $0.02~
  • +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • I don't think they get the joke for 9.99. Posted via Android Central App
  • These events are awesome for the consumer bad for the other carriers lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • And they are damn entertaining to watch! Posted via the Android Central App
  • /yawn
  • Typical Sprint customer response on an article about TMobile. If you don't care, why even bother commenting? This carrier fanboyism is starting to get fuckin ridiculous.
  • +1 OnePlus One
  • At the end of the day, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!
  • Haha
  • Go away, nobody like you.
  • Can't wait, its always something different! Posted via Android Central App
  • This TIME it's PERSONAL. I think there are certain things for us to WATCH out for here. The TIMING is probably not a coincidence. Posted via Android Central App
  • What? Posted via my T-Mobile Note 3 using the AC App.
  • I think he's trying to refer to smart watches for so excited reason Posted via Nexus 7 2013 or Galaxy S5
  • Maybe, they did say they were going to start financing watches and such.. Posted via Android Central App
  • Already are. Posted via Android Central App
  • Queue the "I don't get good TMobile coverage, so they must suck" loser brigade, haha.
  • I'm rooting for them so hard in the upcoming 600MHz spectrum auctions. They're not a viable option for me now (working in hospitals requires way better building penetration than they can offer now), but that would go a LONG way toward pulling me away from AT&T. Posted from my Nexus 5, behind seven proxies
  • Agreed. Yeah, so far, AT&T seems to be the best, if you need good building penetration. TMobile was a viable option for me, when I was still in Milwaukee. Now, though, with me traveling more, phone-wise, it's AT&T or nothing.
  • Here AT&T has incredible building penetration. Verizon is so-so. Sprint and T-Mobile not much. I work in a hospital also, so I know what he means. I switched from Sprint to T-Mobile and have not noticed any coverage difference anywhere I go... just TREMENDOUSLY faster and more reliable (and yes, Sprint had LTE here for almost a year before I left them). Unfortunately, all the 600Mhz announcement on T-Mobile won't help me at all, because they are not bringing it to my 1.6 million person multi-city area :( Oh well.
  • T-Mobile kicked my dog and stole my newspaper.
  • Tell Sprint's new CEO to shoot that bastard, then. Nobody kicks dogs and gets away with it!!!
  • Lmao.
  • When your coverage map is by far the smallest of the four major carriers, then do suck.
  • In your opinion. There are millions of people on TMobile that'd be more than happy to disagree with you. And, I say this as a past customer that only experienced a few issues with their network; not as a blind fanboy that blindly supports or bashes a carrier with no justification whatsoever,
  • It is larger than Sprint. Also, I will not visit Montana or North Dakota probably for another 10 years if that. You are telling me that people should choose their carrier based on national coverage rather than their actual local use? T-Mobile covers my use very, very well. I'm not going to Verizon and pay more, get more restrictions, and less benefits just because they have coverage in Montana. No. Posted via Android Central App
  • Just in time to ditch Verizon and get a note 4!!!! Timing is everything......
  • Maybe before doing the dump, you want the risk free 14 day test ride w T-Mobile.
    Saving money is good as long as your phone is usable.
    Just a thought - I know a few who rushed and regretted after a few weeks. Posted via the Android Central App on VZW Moto X
  • Very good idea. Their test drive program is such a great thing to offer. Posted from my Nexus 5, behind seven proxies
  • Keep in mind that it is 7 days, not 14 :-) Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah going from Verizon to T-Mobile, you'll need to test that network first.
  • +1
  • How soon will the Note 4 be available on T-Mobile? I know it's being announced in a few days, but making the jump from Verizon as well and was hoping it be available when I do. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I watched their last uncarrier event, and you got to give Legere credit..he is very entertaining
    Hope they broadcast this one too. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm sure this is gonna get good. If you take a look at Google maps, you should notice that his Arch Enemy is located directly across the street.
  • I hope they announce that they updated their service in areas other than large cities... Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm pretty sure they have been working on that all this year.
  • Free phones for everyone that signs a one year contract Posted via Android Central App
  • LOL. Let's hope not. Besides, that is certainly not "free".
  • Given the timing of the announcement, I wouldn't be surprised if part of it concerns Cupertino's little device that could. Maybe they'll announce an upgrade to their 7-night stand program, and use a newer iPhone model?
  • Hope they add the "music is free" option to the $30, 100 minutes, 5GB of data plan!
  • I'm pretty sure, that plan already has access to that feature.
  • I have that plan, and no it does not.
  • I keep hearing differently, then. Some people say they have access to that feature on the 30 dollar plan, and some people, such as yourself, say that it doesn't apply. Definitely confusing.
  • I've been using it for about two weeks, and music is counted against your data amount. But even though I stream everyday for a hour or two, I'm no where near my 5GB limit.
  • Ok, got it. I appreciate the reply, brother! Thanks!
  • I made the switch from Verizon to T-Mobile after 13 years with Verizon and I've been very happy with my experience so far. Sure I don't have great service when I go visit my parents but you know what, I wanna put my money where my mouth is. I want nexus devices, I don't want all the bloated carrier software, I want choice and I don't want Verizon keeping my updates at bay. Plus I love that someone is stirring the pot. I want to support the team who seems to have a consumer focus. Posted via Android Central App
  • glad to hear it, I tried to make that switch but there service is just not there yet! I love what there're doing just need better coverage and I live in big city (San Diego ca). Still with Verizon after 13 but maybe not for long!
  • Where do you live? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Bingo. Having a Nexus 5 was far more important to me than the best coverage or even best price. With T-Mobile, I am getting fantastic speed, great reliability, best price, best phone options, best agreement (no contract), and reasonable coverage (in this area), so I don't feel like I have lost anything.
  • Thank you for being a sane person here in the comments. Good points. I award you 1 internets
  • Funny, Vz isn't behind the pack with the Moto updates. Wonder what is the difference... Posted via Android Central App
  • Legere: now All the Way Crazy!
  • This is what I'm talking about. Shake things up.
  • Well, I'm not here to troll but I will say I switched to T-Mobile in 9/2013 after being with AT&T for 12 years. I live in Tampa, Florida and coverage is fantastic through most of the entire state. On LTE I get 24 down and 17 up on average. AT&T LTE speed is pretty comparable, however instead of paying $135 a month, I'm paying $70 and not getting throttled or nickled and dimed to death. That's a savings of $65 a month and multiply that times 12 months and that comes out to $780 a year, which basically pays for my new device every year. My experiences with customer service and store representatives have been a good experience. T-Mobile actually seems to care that I'm a customer and is appreciative. T-Mobile might not be right for you, but works well for me.
  • Just outside Orlando here T-Mobile has been hitting as high as 40 here but usually in the low 30's couple of dead spots along OBT outside of Davenport but is rock solid around the entire Disney area. I use a Nexus 7 LTE tablet in place of a car stereo so the free music streaming really helped bring my data bill down. I'm glad I live in an area with good coverage cause I wouldn't be able to afford my kinda usage on any other network :)
  • Probably won't me any money as a current subscriber. Waiting to see Posted via Android Central App
  • is personal against sprint jejeje
  • Looking forward to the announcement. Im a satisfied T-Mobile customer as well. Just like the guy said here in the comments that the customer service is great and they do care about their customers and will do all they can to help. Sometimes you might get someone on the line that doesn't want to do what they are paid to do and that's help the customer in any way possible. But i wont knock anybody else that doesn't like T-Mobile either whatever service makes you happy then that's what it's all about and I think T-Mobile is changing how a lot of things are so that other companies can change things as well. I say we the consumers win at the end of the day but it will take time. Posted via Android Central App
  • +1
  • Probably a response to Sprint's challenge. Posted via Android Central App
  • please lower your plans for single and family plan.
  • Is this open to the public? I hella want to go. I know exactly where this location is too. Posted via Android Central App
  • Just show up...that's what I plan on doing.
  • Will they announce that they might one day have a legitimate network, that works when you leave the big city. Posted via Android Central App
  • Nope, they won't be announcing that. All of you back woods and trailer folks will have to continue to do what you've been doing, tin cans and strings, walkie talkies, and yoddling... I guess! Lol! I'm trying to figure out why it matters what tmobile does in your non city locale if you have a reliable service that you're using? I just don't understand the negative vibe! Tmobile is doing shit the right way..they are for the people and when people figure that out then they value that experience and are willing to sacrifice, if necessary! We are sick of binding 2 year contracts and the facade of buying a 600.00 phone for 200.00 only to have the price plus interest thrown back into the two year agreement. I like the fact that I can leave when I want, just pay off my phone and go. The customer service in the stores and on the phone is exceptional. When you go in the store, you're not waiting in long lines, or waiting for your name to pop up. The CSRs actually know something about the phones they're selling. I haven't experienced them pushing me to a Galaxy when I specifically said I want to see an HTC! I could go on and on! If you T-Mobile naysayers are only focused on the carriers coverage map, then you're totally missing the point of why many people love tmobile! We Know as customers that we don't have the experience of Verizon's coverage footprint, but we also know that we are not paying Verizon prices for what we do have. As a tmobile customer,I feel like I'm getting what I'm paying for nothing more nothing less...and for most people that matters tremendously in a world where we are paying thousands of dollars a year just to be electronically connected to a world and subscribing to tons of electronic fodder that is absolutely garbage. How many of those 270 cable channels do you actually watch? How many of your phone applications do you actually use? How many of us have been buying LTE phones and upgrading those phones before we actually ever started consistently receiving real LTE network data? We pay so much money for stuff that we don't use or need, but here you have tmobile charging us customers commensurate prices for good and services and there are still people who have the nerve to complain about that! Get a life! Please!
  • Bro go write a book somewhere else? Posted via Android Central App
  • All the new plans are family oriented, maybe it's about plans for one person.
  • Looking forward to the 10th, seems like such a long time away. Posted via the Android Central App