T-Mobile's new unlimited 5G plan won't throttle you like AT&T and Verizon

T-Mobile Magenta Max
T-Mobile Magenta Max (Image credit: T-Mobile)

What you need to know

  • T-Mobile is revamping its unlimited data plans, including one with truly unlimited data.
  • Magenta Max includes 4K streaming, 40GB of hot-spot data, and premium scam protection.
  • T-Mobile's standard Magenta plan gets a boost with double the amount of high-speed data.

T-Mobile has been a trendsetter for nearly a decade now, rising as an industry leader along the way. T-Mobile 5G is one of the best 5G networks in the industry thanks to its recent merger with Sprint, and now the company is taking things up a notch by revamping its unlimited data plans to give customers more high-speed data. T-Mobile just announced its new Magenta Max plan alongside an upgraded standard Magenta plan.

With Magenta Max, T-Mobile customers will finally have access to truly unlimited high-speed data. That's a claim that many of the best wireless carriers in the US have been trying to push for years, although often failed to mention that data was throttled after a certain amount of usage. With Magenta Max, that's no longer the case, and T-Mobile customers will have fully unthrottled unlimited 5G data. CEO Mike Sievert highlights T-Mobile's stronger network position thanks to the merger with Sprint, allowing the company to offer the first truly unlimited 5G network:

We just joined forces with Sprint, and we're already America's 5G coverage and speed leader. Magenta MAX is just a first taste of what our network capacity allows us to do! When you're a heavy data user with a super-fast 5G smartphone, you don't want to be hit with speed bumps. It's like having a Ferrari and being forced to drive it in the school zone. Well, now it's time to open 'er up on the wide-open magenta road! And we are just getting started. Buckle up!

Magenta Max subscribers will also have access to 4K video streaming, 40GB of mobile hotspot tethering, Scam Shield Premium, and Netflix On Us for single and family plans. And for users on the standard Magenta plan, T-Mobile is doubling the high-speed data to 100GB before throttling.

Source: T-Mobile (Image credit: Source: T-Mobile)

The new plans will be available for subscribers starting February 24th, and will be offered at a discounted rate for a limited time. T-Mobile also offers deals to make it easier to switch from a competing carrier, as well as some of the best Galaxy S21 deals.

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