T-Mobile's Galaxy Note set to get an out-of-the-box OTA update

T-Mobile hasn't yet released their Galaxy Note, and they already have an OTA update in the works. The 5.3-inch pocket computer is set to be released on August 8, and T-Mo support says to expect an update to version T879UVLG3. The specifics are a bit thin, and the change log for the 21MB update lists three issues I'm not seeing with my review unit:

  • Error: ‘Enter MAC address’ after entering MAC address
  • Weather widget does not show current location
  • MobileLife contacts addresses combined into a single field

It's also worth mentioning that the support docs list both the current build and the upcoming OTA as Android version 4.0.3, when the current production units are running Android 4.0.4 with build number T879UVLF5. We're chalking this one up as a typo, but I've reached out to T-Mobile to verify.

To get the update, either via OTA or Samsung Kies, you'll need to have a minimum of 50-percent battery, so be ready to plug your Note in as soon as you get it out of the box a week from Wednesday.

Source: T-Mobile

Jerry Hildenbrand
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