T-Mobile UK Announcing Next Android Phone as G1 Touch ?

This is odd. According to T-Mobile UK's twitter account, the Second Android Device on T-Mobile UK will be called the G1 Touch. We thought all along that the Second Android Device (the HTC Magic) was called the MyTouch 3G? Are they going to call it two different names in the US and the UK? Or is the G1 Touch an entirely different device?

We're still thinking that the 'G1 Touch' will be the MyTouch 3G aka the HTC Magic aka the Google Ion but there are some unconfirmed reports floating around that the G1 Touch may actually be that super sexy Huawei U8230 we previously showed you guys. Either way, our eyes and ears will stay close to the developing story and we'll be sure to keep you guys updated on what exactly this G1 Touch is.

What do you guys think? Is that twitter account to be trusted? What is the G1 Touch?

[via phandroid]

  • They probably have to put the 3G in the name to compete with the iPhone 3G's popularity in the US. Calling it the G1 3G or G2 3G would be horribly confusing, so MyTouch 3G is as good a name as any.
  • Ummm...HELLO!!! 10 non-android sites have already posted the Tmobile myTouch 3G announcement! You dudes are slacking wit da updates man! Most recent post here is June 19th???
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