T-Mobile Rolling Out Android 1.6 Donut to T-Mobile G1 & myTouch 3G Tonight ?

Tmonews reports that T-Mobile is going to be rolling out Android 1.6 'Donut' to the T-Mobile G1 at 12AM Eastern Time. Select G1s will receive the update and after 24 hours, the myTouch 3G will get in on the 'Donut' action with their own update. If everything goes according to plan, 'Donut' will slowly trickle down to all the T-Mobile Android handsets soon enough.

We have yet to receive official word on the 'Donut' rollout from T-Mobile so if you do receive the Android 1.6 'Donut' update be sure to let us know! Hopefully this won't turn to another 'Cupcake'-rollout fiasco.

Who's ready for another round of 'will they, won't they'?

Casey Chan
  • All I can say I don't want it to happen like cupcake because I got my brother the g1 and I had longer and he got it before I did. So, not up for that at all.
  • As of sept 30 2009 I got the 1.6 update. What I have found is the camera functions have changed, lots of internal settings changes like now you can see what is using up your battery power from every app on the phone. The screen uses up the most power at 53%. OUCH!!!!! The app market has changed. There is also a voice synthesis added as to what its for I have no friggin clue. Was hoping it was for the map software to give you turn by turn voice commands. Maybe thats future release. Anyhow When I play around with the phone some more I will post updates. Peace out
  • T-Mobile just updated their Account Info app on the market with release notes stating it will work with 1.6 Donut, so hopefully that is a sign it's coming!
  • I got my 1.6 update last night before midnight. There are lots of new changes to the system. The you tube app shows better video. The market looks really different they have put in screenshots of the actual apps or games so that you can see what it looks like before downloading/buying. The camera/video recorder has completely changed in too many ways to list. And it just might be me but it seems that since the update my phone runs a lot more smooth. I am sure that there are many more features that I didn't post. Might just have to wait til you update your phone to see all the new goodies.
  • Have a g1 I'm in milwaukee, and no treat for me yet
  • Is everyone who has received the update using a G1, or is it being made available to mytouch users too? What does the update look like when it arrives? Does it get applied automatically, or does it just look like any other application update?
  • Russ, I am using the G1 and I got my update last night. I had read smoewhere that the mytouch is going to get the update as well. And as far as the update process itself, it automatically downloads and then asks you what you want to do. Just like all the previous updates.
  • Lol I made a typo... I meant to say somewhere...lol
  • Idaho Falls , ID Over Here and Was eagerly Waiting for the update last night Wednesday September 30 2009 But nothing ..So Have we confirmed that people that got the update are Using a G1 or not yet? Because I hate playing the Will we get it or not game
  • Im in NYC & I have Been wait 4 ever , well not really just 2 days . darn nothing yet , i want my tasted donut. Drool Drool
  • As of october 1st I have the donut 1.6 update on my g1 phone from tmobie, sweet camera is different, new voice system,new market look also.
  • The roll out is being Made for T-mobile USA and UK ...There is a chance that your going to have to do a Manual Update for your phone when the Update becomes available from the Usual Google Download Link Zip
  • Anybody knows when is gonna release in INDIA? For HTC magic?
  • Yes The Update is confirmed for G1, I have talked to the Android Support team at T-Mobile and their official Word is .. :We Started rolling out the Update on September 30 2009 at Midnight ..But to Avoid What happened With Cupcake and to Protect T-mobile ..We have not announced an Official Date to Avoid History repeating it self with the last update. The Update is Coming to everyone and could be Days Or Even Weeks ..And we are not Promising a Date for everyone So No one gets Disappointed. EVERYONE! Just have a little bit of patients the update is Coming to every single one of us that Owns a G1 and My Touch.
  • The update will no allow the phone to download music, from like myxer.com. it plays the song,but the download disappears on the phone. The sppechsynthesis app didn't even install to my g1 for some reason. The camera is alil advanced, n the android market has a new fresher userface. I can't download music, I need ringtones, n the update messed that up, get it fixed,QUICK!
  • My wife received the update on her mytouch today in utah but no dice for me. I find it odd that we both have The mytouch but only hers received the update.
  • My wife got the download on her g1 but I didn't !!! Wah !!!!
  • I am playing with her phone now :-)
  • Nyc and as of Saturday the 3rd, still no update to speak of.
  • hey how did you manually update it? please help!! Sam
  • How do u update manually
  • hey can u help me with mine my boyfriend got his update and i havent gotten mine either and we live in la
  • You can Manually Update people I could not wait since my wife's G1 got her update here too IDAHO FALLS , ID and my g1 didn't...IF you want to UPDATE NOW ...from your SD card Let me know and I will Help out the Fellow G1 users
  • Hey can you please tell me how to update my g1 to the 1.6 firmare?
  • Hi android2018 could you possibly tell me how to download manually please ?
  • Holy shittt good stuff I love it nyc got the android 1.6 donut......hate on it chiiikkssss
  • I got the 1.6 update on my G1 at about 3:30an 10/03/09 and I'm in Kalamazoo, MI. I purchased a MyTouch today and I'm wondering how long it'll take for that to receive the update. I hope not too long.
  • Another Kalamazoo Person! I got the Update too! where do we go to find out exactly what got Updated?!
  • I got my 1.6 update this morning on my G1. It appears the market has got a facelift at most. But I am unable to find the QSB (Quick search box). I may just not have looked hard enough or I got a limited version.
  • I got the update in the morning on oct 3rd on my G1..I'm in orlando. I didn't think donut was a real update coming but it is! Good thing bc I was b*tching about the slow response time on my camera, if someone was moving the picture always came out blurred..so far camera seems faster woo hoo!
  • My husband got his update this morning and I did. I have had my g1 longer and he got the update first. This stinks. He won't let me mess with his phone. Dingdangit.
  • G1 user. No update yet. Considering manual installation. I got Cupcake really quickly like hours within release-time. Not Donut though.
  • No Flash Player Yet? Damn
  • I'm waaay down here in alabama and on oct 4th I finally got my 1.6 update for the g1
  • I got the update 2 days ago. It sucks! It causes a lot of apps to forceclose and I can't even open toggle settings. I WANT MY OLD G1 BACK!
  • Cleveland, OH - Got 1.6 pushed to my phone on Oct 4th @ 5:15 AM.
  • My husband and I received our update this morning in Delaware. Other than all the changes that everyone else mentioned, the google quick search works a little differently. It's longer.
  • I haven't gotten my update yet I just got the G1 this week and I've been trying to wait patiently but the anxiety is killing me
  • Quick search bar(qsb) if u have the google search bar widget just click on it and it pops up
    It like does the transition to the top pretty cool
  • Still didn't get the update for mytouch. I'm afraid I can't wait anymore thinking of manually updating.
    irvine, ca
  • My mom got hers to day in Atlanta, Ga, but I didn't get mine :(. I'm timpped to switch phones lol
  • Just received the donut update. Not much has changed.. search bar searces phone as well as internet. My camera button has now turned into my messaging button for some reason. I have to go thru the menu to get to my cam. Cam interface is better, a little smoother if I should say so. Just don't like opening the menu to get to it. Not sure what happened there. I was hoping for a change of the home screen in some way. That would've been cool to see a different face there. But oh well.. maybe next update will be better. All in all, I look forwared to any new updates and hopefully flash player will come in one of the upcoming updates soon. I do not like not having flash..as far as crashing programs I only know of one that crashes. Anywho, have fun and google on!!
  • I just now got the update on my phone. I was updating apps on the market and it just popped up with the update. My G1 firmware is now 1.6. Not sure what the update does, I've seen a couple small changes but nothing major yet.
  • No update can't wait to have my goodie. Calif 10/4/09
  • I love my g1
  • just got g1 update.the camera interface is alot better and smoother and the phone also runs quicker in my opinion.In L.A tmobile messed up on all the sidekicks and none have service so be glad to have a g1
  • After reading this board I just happened to look at my phone and an update was waiting for me. I don't know how long it was there. I last looked at my phone about 6PM. At 9:45PM the update was waiting. Columbus, OH - G1.
  • Getting a lot of force closes from system apps. Settings -> Search (force close). Phone locked up and had to reboot.
  • if I try and Put my phone down and not think so much about the update maybe it will come faster. Lol
  • Okay my G1 updated but i want to undo it is that possible??? i used to be able 2 download ringotnes from myxer and now i cant? ne1 know how 2 fix that?
  • I'm in Colorado and my wife recieved her donut update this morning Oct 4th at 5am. I too have the My touch and still have not recieved mine! It is really annoying, I had the My Touch first be she got the update first. I guess I just wait it out and see what happens. The new market is great and the camera is way better but other then that its not that great. I'm more excited for the elclair 2.0 or the FLAN update wich is supposed to enable multi touch!!!!!
  • i just got the update in Raleigh,NC at about 3:40 pm EST
    so far all i can notice is a new widget called power control which lets you know how much power you've used and lets u turn on or off certain power wasting features also the camera and video have had a makeover with a few features too not sure what they mean tho lol nothing noticeable about Google maps youtube ap has changed ,Google search bar has changed slightly nothing noticeable about browser or messaging, or music AND the market place has a cool new look and has previews.
  • Got my Donut at 6:30 today in Louisville, KY. Pretty neat, but still waiting on 3G in the Louisville area. HURRY UP T-Mobile!
  • This donut is old,no new music player it erased my album art I think they gave us a strip down verison.there is video on the web that shows what donut really is or what it was going to do or look like this is not it.google,tmobile or both both of you give us the real deal or don't give us anything at all
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  • I got my update last night and the download took quite a while. Phone rebooted and got stuck on G1 logo so I removed the battery and it started up nicely the second time. I didn't think much of the update and chances are I will go back to Cyanogen
    Android has endless possibilities and quite frankly this update still has a lot to offer. I did not see any major changes so if you have a rooted phone keep it that way.
  • Ha ha. My brother got the update before me. I texted him saying "I wanna update NOW" and right when I sent it it asked me if I wanted to update. The update has this. I have noticed; Market looks way cooler.
    Camera is changed A LOT.
    Search bar widget changed, it is skinnier looking and when you tap it it opens a menu and you type in something and it searches everything on your phone, and your internet history. Much more useful but kinda annoying at the same time.
  • Oh almost forgot there is also a new widget called power settings. You can change your settings so you control how much power your phone devours easily from the home screen. Pretty useful, but it is UGLY. Puts those widgets on the market to shame though especially since most of them cost money
  • I just received my update last night. besides the fact my freshface kept foreclosing at the start up... everything was good :D
  • I have aproblem with numerous force closures while I'm using my phone. It's so annoying until I just put the dang phone down. Please help?????
  • I have a G1 and I got my 1.6 firmware update a couple days ago but ever since then, I'll be in my messages or somewhere and hit the home key and an error pops up..."android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly" and makes me Force Close. I contacted T-Mobile about it and they suggested me to do a Master Reset and reboot. Of course, that'll erase all my free apps I have downloaded and who knows what else I would loose. :(
    Has anyone else come across this problem?? And is there anything I can do to try and fix it without resetting/rebooting???
  • I am so mad right now because of this new update i cannot download ringtones from myxer anymore they need to FIX IT AND NOW!!!
  • Can anyone please tell me what the barcode in contacts is used for??? All contacts have a different barcode!!
  • WTH! Where is the darn Flashplayer!!!!!
  • The update ruined my phone! I can't play any music, view pictures, open camera, and some apps won't open at all.
  • I got it 2 days ago.. Biggest issue is that my e-mail no longer works.. Just locks up.. Bummer! makes the phone 1/2 worthless!
  • My 1.6 update is disabling access to most cool websites on my g1 (like the oldcomputer.com) and other websites where you could download files. Sometimes I wish I
    never installed the update.
  • I would like to say that after i got the donut update, which i forgot about and was surprised when the system update was available to me, my browser force closes every time. The google homepage will not load. And when in market, my phone would spontaneously restart on random by itself. its really annoying. so to show, the update is not in favor of everyone obviously, lol. i'm getting a replacement.
  • I lost my contact names on my g1 call log all my contacts are still in my phone but the number only show up when i recieve a incoming call from people that is stored in my phone I tried to go bac and edit my contacts it did not help can anyone give me so knowledge on what I should do to restore my contacts on my call log. Help Please this is annoying to see all my incoming calls all show up as just telephone nubers.
  • I'm having the same problem with all the forced closes and it enter let me open my music, camera, picture gallery and some of my apps :( update=fail
  • WTF I have been waiting patiently for my update and i havent got it yet ....does anybody know where 2 download it manualy? i had my g1 since last yr 1 of the first ppl i kno that got the g1 and everybody that i kno got the update already WTF i cant take this anymore ...... and i want 2 go with cyanogen jus 2 see how the mod is but i jus dont wana brick my phone ..where can i get a step by step thats up 2 date instruction on how 2 install it ?
  • When will Canada get the donut update? Talk about the short end of the stick, we still don't have paid apps..
  • I still haven't got my update, wtf... my wife got hers a week ago. Can you update manually or do I just have to keep waiting?
  • Hey I got a G1 , but I have not recieved an update yet , can anyone please tell me how to do it manually ??
  • Hey can anyone please help me I still have not had my G1 update and cannot find a way to manually update can anybody please advise?
  • Same thing happens to me
  • Same thing happens to me and now I can't download or update any of my apps i need help
    By the way I'm from springfield, ma
  • I've been hearing about 1.6 donut so I checked my settings because it didn't show automatically.
    I seen an update saying android update 1.6.
    14.5 mb and there's the details about this update. There was also a download button and so I pressed it it showed a download bar saying downloading........ then it disapears and says requires a restart
    I pressed it again, and same thing, I restarted my phone nothing and I went to settings exactly the same
    I don't know what to do......... help?
  • 21/10/09 UK Got my update this morning, everything seems fine, in fact all a bit faster as well. Only found the camera and the market place diff but then not really played around yet. Took a long time to update, was stuck for a while on the android logo.
  • I have not recieved the 1.6 update and my girlfriend got hers at the begging of the month. What the Hell.. Please can anyone help me?
    I have a Mytouch from EAST chicago
  • Has anyone not found the other feature that 1.6 brings to the table, one that has bothered me since changing from Nokia handsets... The Red power button no longer puts the phone to sleep immediatly, instead after 5 seconds if you are in an application it will take you all the way out instead of having to back out of each level using the return or backup key. But if you are at the home screen it will put your phone to sleep and lock it after 10 seconds but not straight away. Also has anyone found the voice command/search application crashing, as this has happened to my friends phone after he upgraded to 1.6 HTC Google Magic user from the UK and Vodafone
  • Voice search has not worked since Donut downloaded yesterday morning.
  • My OpenHome app has crashed after the recent update and naw i cant view my homepage....but i can still see all notifications..pls help me!!!...I read some article about sendn ur phone into voicemail...cud sime1 pls help me
  • Same here. Ths is ridiculous. After update to 1.6 my phone is just defunct. When it restarts it force closes at the home page all the time and doesnt allow me access to anything else. Crap Crap Crap donut sucks. I now need to take my phone to vodafone and ask them to replace it. fuck shit fuck
  • What has happened to the battery life? Its gone from 2 days, to about 12 hours. Its ridiculous.
  • I still haven't received this update and it is now....Oct 26 what the hell..
  • My G1 Updated. Yay..... Now my phone won't play video's . boo Someone please help me.
  • Still haven't gotten my update on my MT3G.
  • I got the update but my you tube widget doesn't work and it just has a pic of the android character. Someone please help me.
  • Replace your youtube link on the home screen with a new one from the menu.
  • How do I use voice synthesis I downloaded it please help
  • I STILL have yet to receive this update what is going on?