To celebrate Star Wars Day, T-Mobile has gone on the offensive against the evil Empire, also known as AT&T. The company has rolled out a new Chrome extension that essentially transforms all mention of AT&T on the web to The DeATTh Star, with accompanying images to boot.


From the official announcement:

"All fun and games aside, AT&T represents everything the Un-carrier isn't. A massive, money-grabbing, conglomerate caring only about inter-galactic domination and not their customers. While AT&T is hitting customers with data overages, bill shock and insane roaming charges, T-Mobile is changing the way consumers and businesses buy wireless service – all for the light side."

The company is urging customers and fans of Un-carrier to download and install the Chrome extension, visit websites with instances of the AT&T branding in text form and capture screenshots of said branding being revealed in relation to the evil Empire. There's even a Twitter hashtag which has been deployed for your sharing convenience — #DeATThStar. It's a neat themed jab and we'll not get in the way of companies having a little fun.

The Legere is with you, Luke. Always.