T-Mobile to replace grandfathered plans with new Simple Choice plans at comparable prices

Following a long line of sweeping changes related to Simple Choice plans, T-Mobile is ready to start reducing the number of legacy plans it has on its network. According to reports from users and now an official statement from T-Mobile, we know that the carrier is ready to start replacing grandfathered plans that are no longer offered with more modern Simple Choice plans very soon. All T-Mobile customers, no matter how old their plan is, will be "forced" onto a new Simple Choice offering in the coming months.

But these long-standing customers won't just be given the current crop of Simple Choice options, they will instead be given a choice from dozens of new, unadvertised no-contract plans. Indications are that T-Mobile is ready to mix-and-match features in any way possible to keep you happy. Single line unlimited plans will start at just $20 (over the current $50), and T-Mobile expects most people to get the same or better features at a comparable price to their current plan.

Although this sounds like a pretty great deal for anyone with a legacy plan that has held out on moving to Simple Choice, T-Mobile is extending an offer to cancel your service with no penalty by February 1, 2014 should you be unhappy with the new offerings.

Those with legacy single line and family plans should see letters arriving in their mailboxes very soon indicating that the plan changes are coming, so keep an eye out if you're in that crowd. You could be in store for a much-improved plan at no additional cost if you play your cards right.

Source: TmoNews

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.