T-Mobile Releasing a G2 Soon?

An anonymous tipster from CellPhone Signal is divulging to Boy Genius Report that T-Mobile has a new Android-powered handset up their sleeve and it will be revealed as soon as January 26. The plastic factory screen protector is still on my G1 and a G2 is already on the way? These are exciting times indeed.

The G2 is expected to be a heavy-hitter in the features department. In addition to the G1 feature set, it will have a 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash, a front-facing VGA camera to take advantage of the new video calling service expected to come to T-Mobile soon, video capture and playback, and much more.

If it's real, then we're talking about a rather significant step up from the G1. Until more information is dragged out into the light of day, it's best to file this one under "rumored, but wouldn't it be nice?". For those of you with a G1 now, will you dump your G1 for a G2? If you don't have an Android handset yet and are still waiting, does the G2 look attractive?


Brian Hart#AC