T-Mobile pulls Samsung Behold 2 update, no ETA on it's return

T-Mobile has pulled the Android 1.6 OTA update for the Samsung Behold II over signal issues, and offers up no word on when to expect it to return.  In case you don't remember or aren't familiar with the whole Behold 2 update debacle, have a look here to read about the whole mess. Hint -- there's even crazy lawsuit talk (of course there is). 

Let's be clear here -- there's no sense in continuing to roll out an OTA update that makes things worse.  We certainly don't like waiting for our Android software updates, but I think we would like new signal issues even less.  Let's all back off for just a bit and give T-Mobile some room to breathe and update us all accordingly.  [T-Mobile support forums via TmoNews]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Wow. I just upgraded to the Vibrant on Friday. Sold my Behold 2 this weekend, lol.
  • How many times is Samsung gonna fuck their users over until they go out of business?
  • Wow. They were telling people last fall that the Behold II would be on Android 2.x by February 2010. Here it is closing in on August and they can't even get the upgrade to 1.6 right on their first try. Test software much? I'll bet if they stuck to stock android and kept all that happy crappy useless eye candy out of it they could've pulled off an upgrade many moons ago. glad I rooted my wife's and put a stock android 1.6 rom from the galaxy on it or she'd have thrown it out the car window by now. that's the last samsung anything we'll ever buy.
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