T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide caught in wild, looks darn sexy

Well, well. What have we here? It's the long-rumored T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide. And, boy howdy, does that look like a fine piece of smartphone, now that it's far less blurry than the last time it poked up its head.

Let's talk about what we can glean from the pics: There's the obvious four-row sliding keyboard. And we'd wager it's as good as any out there, given that it's made by HTC. Note that the "G" button remains, a holdover from the original keyboardless myTouch 4G. We could take it or leave it. (Leaning toward the latter.) Also note that in addition to the dedicated .com key, its alternate function is www. Nice!

It's also said to have an updated Espresso UI (Gingerbread, says TmoNews' source), but otherwise keeps the overall look and feel (including the heft) of the original myTouch 4G.

Still no word on when we'll officially see this guy. But it's already gone through the FCC, and it's likely in the hands of civilian testers now. So hopefully sooner rather than later. More pics are at the source link.

Source: TmoNews

  • Wow. That keyboard looks better than my G2 keyboard I'm typing on right now. It looks amazing. Reminds me a lot of the HTC Merge keyboard actually. And this is dual core right? There are literally so many options on TMOUS right now.
  • I own the original MT4G and still love the phone. But T-Mo, when are you going to ditch the lame Genius button? I mean its not a big deal for me since I rooted and flashed Cyanogen. I just mapped the button to the standard google search instead.But the Genius button is such a lame gimmick, its gotta go!
  • That ear piece is hideous just like mt4g
  • I'm not sure why people think the ear piece grill is so bad. The MyTouch branding, yes, but the grille is rather innocuous.
  • Why can't they put capacitive buttons on the damn thing? That was my major issue the mt4g. Also, why not have a 5 row keyboard?
  • To each his/her own. I like physical buttons. Capacitive buttons are too easy to hit accidentally. In fact, I have a Sensation on the way and I went to the T-Mobile store to play around with it and I kept hitting the capacitive buttons unintentionally.
  • i dont get it either. It actually looks just like my Touch Pro 2 keyboard minus the 5th row. I dont understand why they dont just adopt the tp2 keyboard for all these phones, it by far the nicest. Compare this keyboard to the verizon tp2.
  • I own the mt4g and love love it! This gives me hope for gingerbread on the older version. This slide does look nice but other than just the keyboard aspect I wonder if there are any other improvements? Better res on the front facing camera maybe? They have had plenty of time to improve upon an already rock solid phone.
  • I have very few complaints about my phone, but the res on the front facing camera is one of them
  • I have very few complaints about my phone, but the res on the front facing camera is one of them ETA: Sorry bout the double post
  • think this is supposed to be dual core that is an improvement. Probably more memory stuff like that
  • I just got an original MT4G.... 13 hours ago actually, but this is hitting all my want buttons. Sooo glad I still get my upgrade next year.
  • by next year the mytouch 5G will be out lol.
  • While I really dislike physical keyboards, that looks sweet.
  • That is one sexy device. If didn't hate slideout keyboards, I'd be all over it. btw I love the clean and sleek look to the device!
  • Um...maybe you should look at the original MyTouch 4G then as it looks exactly like this without the keyboard.
  • I would love something like this on sprint!
  • I am just not a fan of the physical buttons. I would get the phone except for the ugly buttons
  • Capacitive buttons are too easy to hit accidentally. The trend is definitely going capacitive but don't you think that people should have a choice? After all, it has a physical keyboard. What's next? People demand that the slide out keyboard is capacitive as well?
  • Wow, it's the Merge's keyboard! It looks great!
    If it's cheap enough off contract, I might get this and use the 3G on AT&T!
  • ...so much space is wasted on that stupid MyTouch logo!
  • Definitely agree with you on that. First thing I noticed too. It's such a shame...it could easily be a very nice 4" screen.
  • To do that they'd have to go wider as well. One of the things that I like about the MT4G is that it has a very nice traditional phone feel to it. It's easy to hold and doesn't feel like you are putting a tablet up to your ear. It also fits nicely in your pocket without someone thinking you are really happy to see them. To some people there is no such a thing as too big of a screen. I guess the 45+ crowd needs the bigger screens so they can avoid having to use reading glasses.
  • Sorry to burst your bubble guy, but 4" is far from a tablet feel. 4" is usually what people call the sweet spot. It's perfect, not too small, not too big. You're thinking of the 4.5" and up (and, some might argue to include the 4.3" ones there, too), like the Samsung Infuse and the Dell Streak, the latter of which is actually debated on whether it's truly a tablet or not, even! lol. Also, according to the T-Mobile site I just read from, the original myTouch 4G has a 3.8" screen. That's .2" off from 4". You act as if I had said I wished it had a 4.5" or 5" screen.
  • I have no bubble to burst. I made an observation. If you removed the space at the top to accommodate a larger screen, then the device would have to get wider assuming the aspect ratio remains the same. In other words, you couldn't just remove the logo and reclaim the space without altering the dimensions of the phone. Now, you could switch to a 16:9 ratio which is more "widescreen" and get some more height without needing more width. That's how the Sensation fits a 4.3" screen in a device that is smaller than say an Evo 4G. The Evo, like the MT4G, has a 1.66:1 ratio while the Sensation has a 1.77:1 ratio.
  • Reading your 4 other replies to people in this thread, then reading your 5th one, to me, made it obvious you have some bubble to burst.
  • For those who care mainly for speed and a physical keyboard, this phone will probably be a good choice....you just have to get over the design and small screen size though. haha. Here are some more preliminary thoughts on the new myTouch 4G Slide: http://wp.me/p1BlyQ-3r
  • I have the 3G slide I'm a physical keyboard fan, BUT they didn't correct the worst thing about the 3G keyboard is there are no back arrows to go backwards to correct spelling or add things. I had it on the TILT2 and most other KBs I have tried. Why can't we get these, atleast the back arrow on these. I'm not talking delete, I want to move the cursor back to the middle of sometghing I write to add or fix.
  • Could you tap in the word where you want to edit and then go back to the keyboard?
  • Dude, That's what the trackpad is for.... Arrows & track pads on physical KB is a waste of space...IMHO
  • reply 1 - yes that is what I do is touch screen to move the cursor, but its hard to get it just right
    reply 2 - SWEET - that is what I'm looking for, didn't think of trying the mouse pad. In fact, I never use the pad BUT now I have the need.. The Dude thanks you...