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T-Mobile to get Samsung Galaxy S 2 says official Twitter account [updated -- or not?]

According to the official T-Mobile USA twitter account, the nation's number four carrier will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S 2 (see our hands on here).  Pricing and a date weren't discussed, other than a note that they would be available at a later date, which isn't surprising.  We already know that T-Mobile will be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, so it really comes as no surprise that they would follow up with the latest and greatest from Samsung. 

What say you T-Mobile subscribers -- is this the dual-core beast you're waiting for?  It's billed as the "world's thinnest smartphone", and has the new Super AMOLED plus display, so it offers quite a bit over existing phones on the network.  We're chomping at the bit to get our hands on one, and any news about it's arrival to US shores is good news. [Mobile Central] Thanks for the tip Conan!

Update: And just as soon as everyone gets excited, T-Mobile has this, and this to say from the same Twitter account:

@droidmessenger We just tweeted too fast. Thought he was asking about the Galaxy S 4G. Pobody's Nerfect.

@PhoneDog @androidcentral Sorry for the confusion. We're not announcing anything today. Was just an errant tweet. #longday #timeforcoffee

Time for coffee indeed.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Too bad Samsung doesn't do as great on software as they do with hardware...
  • can you stop with the baby crying already, is getting to old.
  • I'd rather have the LG Optimus 3D...
  • Thinking the same thing. I need a formidable replacement for my nexus one. Oh please come to T Mobile.
  • AKA DONT BUY THE VIBRANT 2! Lmao who is the marketing team @T-Mobile?
  • I'll NEVER buy Samscum again!!
  • I sure will. I love the build quality, and although their widgets suck, they have a nice interface (yes, I have rooted/rom'ed the thing, but I always end up back at stock or near stock) and in the case of the Vibrant, its the only phone that does not only Tmo 3g, but can do ATT 3g. It carries the unlock codes RIGHT IN THE PHONE! Great processor, super camera, so so gps, and all in all a great experience for me. But then again, I don't rate my phone by quadrant score, I rate it by my actual experience. LOVE this. More than my Mytouch 4g, even, which is why i sold that and bought ANOTHER Vibrant.
  • So will this be 4G right away? It should. Also, does it have a fricken notifications light?
  • Yes on 4G, no on Notification light.
    Also, no physical camera button, no flash, crappy software. BUT it should be coming with Inception! Which Inception by its self is a better deal than the previous Vibrant.
  • The S2 has a flash
  • The only way you could get me to own that phone is if it was given to me for free and I could return it for the cost of the phone. Done with samsung, not buying another one. Oh yes, the hardware might have some good specs, but the overall experience is crap.
  • Agree that Samsung's software sucks. My wife has a Vibrant and stock it was horrible. I rooted it and put Nero v5 with voodoo on it and now it runs smooth as silk.
  • Have you tried rooting and installing Bionix v1.2? Assuming, of course, you're on a vibrant. Other SGSs have good ROMs too- but basically, if you haven't loaded a custom ROM yet, give it a go. You might be pleasantly surprised at how well the SGS can run.
  • Can anybody tell me if there's an Android display that is out or has been announced that is better than the Retina display? Tired of the iPhone freaks constantly having that as their main thing they tout. Does Samoled plus come close? LG Nova?
  • I'd say SAMOLED is on par with, if not superior to Retina. Most iPhoners tend to agree with me once I show them Avatar on the Vibrant. ;)
  • don't let that bother you is the only thing they got going for them selfs, we android user get everything else, bigger screens, faster phones with hdmi outputs, over the air updates, free navigation, free Google goodies many deferent phone shapes and sizes etc.
  • Hopefully people realize that this phone will be stuck on 2.3 for most of its life:/ and the owners are going to rant when the NS gets the ice cream treatment and their phone magically doesnt get an update until an unpolished leak of the update leaks in 2013.
  • You know, the international galaxy S was updated to 2.2 pretty quickly, and a leak for the Vibrant didn't take all that long either (as countless others have pointed out, the update situation seems to be more the carriers fault than Samsung's). And since the Nexus One STILL hasn't been updated to gingerbread, months after it was "a couple weeks" away, I think everyone may just need to calm down a bit on the update front, since no company is pushing updates to all their phones in a timely manner.
  • i totally agree with you, Its just samsung has great software on its part. this phone looks like a beast, especially that it has dual core. But in the long run, this phone will be obsolete in the beginning of 2012, tats expected. and all carriers put a lot unneeded things n the phone so that when future OS's come out the phone has the right hardware for the update, but the software overlay on the phone isn't compatible. I mean they are just now releasing the 2.2 update for the epic 4g, when froyo was released almost a year ago. But anyways with the N1, no one knows what happened to the update. only Google knows what is going on with that. I was originally a N1 owner then switched to the NS. But for the N1 owners, Gingerbread makes the N1 look even sexier, and should run on it smooth. But whose to say whats coming for the N1. I heard somewhere that Google still needs a phone to test froyo builds (which makes sense in a way) but carriers need to start realizing that 2.3 and up is the appropriate version for 'current' devices. I give Samsung props for producing a phone with the current firmware, but by the time its released for the masses it's going to be a while before it be updated to 'future' update.
  • Out of the 4 major carriers in the USA I would rather get my android phone from T-Mobile than AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. With T-Mobile they don't lock the phones down and you can root them with ease and the amount of custom ROMS on the XDA forums are ridiculous. The G1, my first Android phone was the same way, not locked down and easily rootable for custom ROMS. I have run AXURA and am now on Bionix by Team Whiskey and my Vibrant is ridiculously fast!
  • I would go with them for the reasons you mentioned but their coverage sucks where I live.
  • and that would be perfectly fine with me, i suggest you don't buy it, i will though, Samsung already make the best phones, if you want to miss out on that, then that is you problem, you blaming Samsung for not updating and not blaming the real culprit here the carriers.
  • ^ I also agree with you, It isn't samsung's fault it is the carrier's fault most people have not gotten 2.2. Thats why i stuck with the pure Google experience with the Nexus S. I love Samsung's build quality and form factor of their devices. But i went with the NS to avoid the carriers bull and bloatware on the device. I want the cleanest version of Android/ and the latest version. I think 'Nexus' in Latin means 'Rebellion against one's network'.
  • HTC Pyramid 4.3-inch 960×540
    dual-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon MSM8260
    Adreno 220 GPU nuff said
  • release date = 3Q(maybe). nuff said
  • Q3 sounds good to me.. not like i'm going to switch carriers for. what.. atrix?
  • Still a rumor nuff said
  • So what's the alternative that isn't a rumor? Incredible S. I'll see if I can resist it.. :)
  • Wah wah
    bad update crap
    international version of current galaxy was up to date on time
  • Can't w8 2 c the galaxy s III QUAD CORE 12 MEGAPIXEL rear 3.2megapixel front cam 1440p recording qhd super amoled plus display! Running ice cream
  • The source article is updated. Seems T-Mobile apologized for giving false information. EDIT: Again it changed. Though this time it brings up a good point. Hadn't the Vibrant 4G already been announced earlier this week? So the tweet in question today makes more sense when you take away T-Mobile's explanation. It could still be coming...
  • If they do offer it, and why wouldn't they, that's likely what I'm replacing my G2 with. I just hope it gets some Cyanogen Mod love unlike the current Galaxy line.
  • It should, considering that unlike the original Galaxy S line, it comes with 2.3 out of the box, so the source code for the device can be used to fashion Cyanogen builds for the Galaxy S II with the CM7 codebase.
  • I would assume every carrier will get a version of it. I will not buy a Samsung phone regardless. p.s. I wonder how many people know why they want a dual core processor...
  • Eh, how many people know why they wanted a 1 GHz processor? I know a good 5-6 people with SGS's and only one other bought it for specs other than the screen. They'll just advertise it as the best screen out there (which I think it is) and being lightning-quick and impossibly hard for the average user to bog down (also, agreed). The rooting community will buy it for it's awesome specs, the general public will go for the pretty, colorful, shiny screen.
  • Existing T-Mumble customers will excuse themselves to the restroom where they'll blow chunks for 30 minutes. They'll return to another piece of trash in the heap and wait until their contract is over so they can LEAVE!
  • Coming from a Vibrant, loving the hardware, especially the screen, but not so much the software. I am still going to consider this phone. I am in LOVE with samsung screens. I have yet to see anything comparable. Apparently the Froyo fiasco may not deterr me from buying another galaxy. We don't learn but geez is it sexy or what!?
  • Root and upgrade it yourself? It's worth it, believe me.