T-Mobile G-Slate passes through FCC

When T-Mobile announced the G-Slate, the biggest question on everyone's mind was when we could get it in our hands. Well, we still don't have an official release date but we're now one step closer. It looks like the FCC has had their time with it. Although nothing in the report specifically names G-Slate, the fact that it's sporting AWS connectivity makes it compatible with T-Mobile's network here in the United States, and it's pretty likely that the LG-V900 is the G-Slate. Nothing too exciting here, but we've hit a crucial step in getting the device released into consumer hands. Hit up the source links for the full report. [FCC via Unwired View]

  • Give us WiFis!! But looks like this may drop before the Xoom, which I want in a wifi-only version. No thanks on an extra phone bill.
  • Xoom won't be wifi only at first either. You're looking at waiting till summer if that's what you want.
  • Will be interesting to see what this prices out at vs the Xoom vs the HTC scribe. I think that should all not offer a wifi only option to begin with you'd have to see what the off-contract price would be. Wasn't the Samsung Tab the same price with or without data at first?
  • Geez, it's really starting to look like nearly every manufacturer will release wifi-only versions of tablets /months/ after their 3G version is released. If so, I have NO problem waiting. We can tether! Who in the right mind would honestly pay for a second carrier bill? The one and only way I could see myself paying another carrier bill is if I scrapped my phone's data plan for talk and text only, get a data plan for a tablet, then carry my tablet EVERYWHERE in case I need data on the go. Translation: never gonna happen. That's just my 2 cents. Yours may differ.
  • I agree completely, it makes no sense to pay a second bill.
  • So even though I already have a data plan, I would have to buy another data plan for the tablet? It can't just be shared? What a rip.
  • Buy off contract, when in need drop existing SIM in tablet. WIN.