T-Mobile Expects myTouch 3G to Outsell T-Mobile G1 (duh)

This shouldn't come as a surprise for anyone but T-Mobile expects the myTouch 3G to outsell the T-Mobile G1. Talk about going on a limb *sarcasm*. T-Mobile CTO, Cole Brodman, expects the myTouch to be successful because of broader appeal, saying that "a vast majority of customers will be new to Android and new to smartphones".

We're definitely going to agree with T-Mobile here, the myTouch is the same Android goodness in a sexier package, a solid recipe for success. However, with so many heavyweight Android phones on the horizon, it's still kind of saying something with T-Mobile being so confident. An easier way to guarantee success for the myTouch? Price it at $99.


Casey Chan
  • People bought the g1 because it had a keyboard, no one is gonna but this iphone look alike. Palm pre is the only other selling right now. Andriod is garbage compared to webos.
  • Wow, big Android fan right here folks. Go back to The iPhone Blog fanboy.
  • Yeah, if you love your iPhone, go talk to iPhone users. You can't even spell so there you go.......
  • Tmobile is losing customers, this phone should really Cost $99. I hate to compare everything to the iphone but At&t is over there sucking up customers daily with that 8 gig 3g. Idiots (tmobile is), I tell you .... idiots. And even for existing customers $199 is steep, the hardware isnt worth that Rogers is selling the phone for its real value. Dated, over priced and all tmobile can TRY and sell you on is all about customizing. tsk tsk tsk.
  • I am quite sure that AT&T is doing well with the 8GB iPhone 3G, but the 3GS is still $199 and that is what most people are after, so the price point that you use as your argument isn't all that valid. Plus, I still think that informed people are going to take what works for them, and for a lot of people, an irreplaceable battery and non-expandable storage don't work for them.
  • word.
  • no argument mytouch 3g is inferior to HTC Hero. funny is tmo sells both. except in uk tmo gives away a much nicer phone for free with short term & cheaper contract, while in usa it's an inferior phone with more expensive & longer contract. go figure.
  • I've researched and compared the iPhone and the mytouch and their services and the phones might be the same price, but when it comes to the plans tmobile is much cheaper. This will eventually add up and making the mytouch cheaper. But you get more out of the iPhone like the iPhone gets to play music...but then again you could just buy an iTouch and play music from there without paying a daily rate. So making the mytouch a cheaper and better offer.
  • Weak ..... and thank you I knew someone would mention it (3GS that is), so thats why I didnt. And trust me even the "informed" would purchase a iphone before purchasing the myTouch at the same price point.
  • I've researched and compared the iPhone and the mytouch and their services and the phones might be the same price, but when it comes to the plans tmobile is much cheaper. This will eventually add up and making the mytouch cheaper. But you get more out of the iPhone like the iPhone gets to play music...but then again you could just buy an iTouch and play music from there without paying a daily rate. So making the mytouch a cheaper and better offer.
  • I'd buy a MyTouch before an iPhone (Albeit I still prefer the G1 for the keyboard)
    Cheapest T-Mobile plan with unlimited data and texting is $65
    Cheapest for iPhone is $90
    Over the course of 2 years, that's a difference of $600 and that's without taxes and fees.
  • It looks like a G1 but without the keyboard( no keybord get annoying), why would people think this phone is gonna outbit the G1.
  • you are most def right about that. with a G1 you have the choice of writing with the hard keys OR the on screen keyboard.
  • its going to outbid the G1 because it has more memory and it isnt as clunky, most people want something that is fashionable and the G1 most definitly isnt. im not talking about usability, im talking fashion
  • @ neofire: Its cool if you are a sheep. I don't mind, but your lust for Apple is just a personal preference and is based on nothing more than an opinion that a dying man has planted in your head. Your rebuttal, sir, is what is weak.
  • I still can't believe we have to pay $200.00 or more for a phone. It's a phone for christ's sake. For $200.00 it should cook, clean and dial by itself. Get a grip people, it's just a phone. Make it more affordable and we'll talk.
  • ditto. that or move to the land of freedome. in uk tmo is selling the phone at the right price of $0 with short contract. my tmo contract expired last week. i'm not going back unless mytouch pulled an original iphone, that is, shaving the ridiculous price by $200 in 3 months.
  • I'm not sure that it will outsell the G1. I have a G1 and love it, and chose it over the behold because it HAD NO KEYBOARD!! This is a G1 WITHOUT A KEYBOARD! This G1 is bomb and would most def not buy the MYTOUCH and if it does it's just because it's the newest thing. Sorry guys but if you're thinking about buying it, you will probably have a sad face in the end.
  • I think it is funny that tmobile has their employees put stuff in here pretending to be customers.
    I agree with the people who said $200 is too much. But it's our fault as consumers. Here in the U.S. we are all sheep. We (not me) wait in lines when they start selling a new iphone or a new computer game even though they are charging too much.
    Did you not notice when iphone sales dropped, they lowered their price. Don't let the companies dictate what you pay. We consumers have a lot more power. Phone companies are the biggest ripoff artists because we let them.
    I used to pay $139.99 for unlimited minutes on tmobile. I got fed up with their crap call them to cancel they said we want to lower your bill to $99 for unlimited. This was before they lowered it for everyone. A few months ago I got fed up again and called to cancel and they said we will now give you unlimited minutes for $49. Day and night anytime unlimited. Can you imagine if everyone bargained with them. All the other cell companies would have to follow.
    Just today I ordered unlimited internet and unlimited emails for 19.99 even though they don't offer that price anymore. the new higher price is $24.99.
    If everyone did the same prices on everything would be better. Can you imagine the plan I really want from Verizon is $200 a month plus tax a total of $225. That is $2,700.00 a year. That is 2 mortgage payments. If you made one extra mortgage payment a year it would turn your 30yr mortgage into a 15year mortgage. can you imagine if you made 2 extra payments.
    I think that unlimited cell phone, unlimited text, unlimited internet, unlimited gps and tv on your cell should be $50.00
    Make a different, call your cell company and tell them that they have to give you a better rate or you are changing cell service to a different company. Don't forget -- YOU CAN TAKE YOUR NUMBER WITH YOU. :-)
  • I've had T-Mobile for 2-3 years now, never had an issue...But...I never owned a phone from them before. I always bought my phones unlocked from oversea's for around $350 because I don't like the phones offered in the U.S. I am about to buy my first phone from my carrier and it will also be my first smartphone (I plan to change phones again once my ideal phone, the Sony Ericsson Satio smartphone comes out next year).
    There was some guy here who was complaining that it was just a darn phone and he can't believe we have to pay $200 for it...you must be really cheap! These new smartphones are like mini laptops, you can't upgrade the damn parts you have to replace the whole thing! If you don't want to pay for it, go online, Ebay maybe, and look for those old school phones for $100-150! No one is forcing anyone to buy these new phones "right away", if you wanna pay for them go ahead. Every phone company is doing this, so it wont matter where you go, they all are wolves in sheep's skin!
  • Im getting the mytouch , it is what it is , i cant get it cheaper for a G1 so will have to go to the next thing up. and lol im not a Tmobile rep nor do i have a Tmobile verson phone , i have the ATT verson unlocked blackberry curve 8310 wich i like and it has been the most durable phone from the hell i put it threw , but i never had a touch screen and i need practice and i have to force my self to practice like anyone else, if i had a physical keyboard i would prob blend to use it all the time to use it again, so i will just sit and weight for the mytouch to get in my hands.
  • I bought the mytouch as well. I'm coming from the G1. The reason I'm getting the mytouch? I don't mind the android virtual keyboard in landscape mode, its actually pretty good, therefore, I don't need the physical keyboard. Without the physical keyboard, the formfactor is a smaller, that makes my pocket happy. Last and not least, the OS is classic Android. Like it or hate it, Android is a great OS. And no, I'm not a tmobile rep.
  • My sentiments exactly!!! I love having the keyboard!
  • What the heck the mytouch is pretty much exactly like the G1 without the key board that's like selling the phone over again but taking out one of the best features
  • Its a big difference just read up on it , for one the memory it can hold and the quickness of the touch screen and its pretty and light weight and the battery is bigger and its new lol
  • Everyone is talking about how smart the phones are and how expensive they are, but what about reception when using the internet that really pisses me off and there's no network that I know of can tackle this problem and if any of you got a service that works as good let me know because I'm paying lots of money for this service and I'm not getting my moneys worth, oh and I've had the g1 and most of the smart phones and I like it better than any other smart phone I've had memory wise you can buy 8gigs memo cards as many aas you want for the g1 and the iphone its only 8gig memo so you add the numbers and let me know.
  • the only reason i would buy this phone is cuz it looks nicer than my g1 but its faster processor speed... but all the shit is the same still. The mytouch without the keyboard will be very annoying. but the price ...comon i wanted to upgrade and they want $452 with shipping and upgrade fee. thats ridiculous. they should offer g1 users a lower price upgrade...we were the ones who took a chance on the g one!!! g1 is great by the way .
  • Well i've been with t-mobile when they were voicestream,,
    and i have the t-mo G1, and i like the phone very much!
    My friend has a iphone and we compare ,,features and icons maps and speed.....and i tell you T-Mobile G1 kicks it assets big time!!
    he cant even customize his icons, hahahaa on the G1 you can,,tons of application that on the G1 are FREE,,, he has to pay for on the iphone,,,LOL......music sounds alot better on the G1 than the iphone,...........well MORE FEATURES MORE FUN G1 NUMBER ONE!!
    WELL T-MOBILE AND MYTOUCH THE FUTURE!...........the iphone,,,same boring features and boring icons you cant do nothing with...hahahaa
  • ya I feel the same way tmobile needs to take care of their loyal customers and give yse the upgrade at no charge... ive been with them since 2003.... we should be able to get an up grade just because we spend so much money with the company year end and out.....
  • Man you can say that shit again , I been threw thick and then with them < but I can say they did upgrade my plan for free and it didnt even come with a contract thats whats up.
  • tmobile take care of your true customers......... the ones who have spone 1,0000's of dallors with your company GIVE BACK...... If you wanna keep US ALL...........
  • Ok. My opinion is that EVERY PHONE CARRIER should be more loyal to their pre-existing customers. Why should we have to pay more for a phone if we pretty much have already paid you 100x its price? New customers should pay full price on the phone and get the contract a little cheaper. Why? Because if a customer is willing to pay to get a new phone, then they are willing to stay with the carrier. Therefore they would actually be able TO MAKE MORE MONEY AND STOP CHARGING THE HELL OUT OF Pre-Existing CUSTOMERS. -_-'' TMobile has made 1.000$ off of my mom. We didnt even get new phones when we joined tmobile and now we regret it. Since we didnt we will have to pay full price. I want a google g1. It is still $349. WDF? Why is it that damn high and you have this phone coming out? Seriously atleast lower it to 279.
  • I thought I was alone in this high priced thing. I mean yeah, no one is forcing anyone to buy new phones but come on. T-mobile is getting ridiculous with these prices. $25 a month for internet, which should be lower than $24.99 because most phones don't have FULL web browsers. Then $199/$200 for a new phone that they know everyone will like and would want to try. To me its ridiculous a bit. I wish T-mobile would listen to their customers and lower their prices a bit.
  • Yeah, I been thinking about buying this new MYTOUCH. But wonder how reception is going to be. I was with Suncom until T-mobile baught them out. I've had trouble out of the blackberry I have with the data side most of the time. Also I just upgraded my wifes phone and now T-mobile is charging for upgrades WTF! It's like alot of others have said why can't T-mobile take care of their customers better instead of trying to kill their pockets, and with the way the economy is also. I pay over 200 a month for my phone bill.How long do these battries last also? If I'm not mistaken I read it's a non replaceable battery? I was also told that you can buy a 2 year warrenty for the MYTOUCH that covers everything.
  • Get over the keyboard issue. I got the MyTouch 3G on the 24th (yes I am an employee) and using the keyboard in landscape mode is great. You have to get use to the auto suggest though but after that I'm texting just as fast as I did on my G1. I had reservations about no keyboard but figured the Google guys wouldn't let me know. Now ask me about the wait and that's a different story but I am happy now. This is a kick butt phone. Very Sexy according to my GF :)
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  • Man I have a G1 (ma 4th one=)and I think G1's are the S*** and this new MY TOUCH is nothing out of the out of da ordinary,so don't waste uR time and Money on the same fone WITHOUT A PHISICAL KEYBOARD!
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  • @Rornerendus
    Seriously...learn to spell.
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  • ok let me clear up some stuff from seeing i have and had both phones :) um one guy said the mytouch doesnt play music? Iphone and Mytouch are almost the same. that is if you know how to jailbreak your iphone. Mytouch is all open sorce. Its like a pretty phone that welcomes user friendly people who want something shiny now instead of the ugly but amazing G1. Mytouch can do basically everything a the new iphone can do. Yet it plays music haha but instead of using itunes you just drag and drop. same with pictures. Also the apps are made buy all types of companys and users. your not stuck with apps that only mac can approve. If you want a phone and a nifty mp3 player get the iphone. if you want a phone with more options crack your iphone. btw this voids any warrenty and all that greatness. Now if you want a phone does all this right out of the package get the mytouch. theres only one CON only ONE the service. you have WAY WAY WAY more coverage with the iphone. and 3g is in alot of location not just the rich or popular areas that tmobile seems to just offer 3g. Iphone. good service and user friendly phone aka the fisher price phone. Mytouch. shitty service but open source and doesnt put rules on you on how to use it. you spend 199 for a reason so you the phone can be yours! not controlled by apple... "the androids phone have taken a bite out of apple" now go get one. NEW USERS WHO DONT KNOW THE IPHONE. mytouch supports
    wifi I highly recommend getting the unlimited Txt and Data. its only ten bucks more. txt as much as you want and go to sites as much as you want where and when ever you want. def youtube this phone for my info. they give you like a starter bundle. the internet is def a bit slow if not in a 3g area but neither is the iphone if anything i honestly think the mytouch is a bit faster. you can change your theme and change the background pictures. any questions just ask or email me. seanvdeusen@yahoo.com
  • I love this blog...you guys have given me some very good info on both phones. In the end I do think the mytouch phone has a lot more to offer and at a cheaper price. with or without a keyboard.
  • dammnnn so sad
    i cant change my youtube account that i enter
    on my youtube application in mytouch 3g!! damn i need to download a new application
    that supports multi account omg! i wanna change the first account that i put it in!!! helpppppppppp :'(
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  • Omg I can't change my youtube account on mytouch either. ....
    Does anybody know something about this???
    Idk what to do or how to change it...
    And its driving me crazy!! My b.f log in and now I'm stuck with his account on my youtube...
    Please help!!! O.O!!