T-Mobile has a pretty rad offer for Mother's Day: buy a Galaxy S8 on a T-Mobile One plan and get the second one free, or free-ish, with the start of another line. Let's break it down.

The deal is pretty simple: if you buy a Galaxy S8 or S8+ on T-Mo's Equipment Installment Plan (0% financing over 24 months) on the company's Unlimited Plan (which we rated the best in the U.S. right now), you get a $750 prepaid credit card to cover the cost of a second Galaxy S8 as long as you sign up for a second line with T-Mobile One. If you buy a Galaxy S8+, you'll need to put down an extra $100 up front.

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There are a couple catches: you'll have to put money down on the second S8 at the time of purchase, and pay taxes on the full $750 cost, and T-Mobile will issue a rebate, through a prepaid card, within eight weeks. And if you cancel service before the card is issued, you obviously don't get the card and have to pay full price on the second phone.

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