T-Mobile delays Nexus 6 launch by one week

There's some bad news for T-Mobile customers with their hearts set on grabbing a Nexus 6 this week. The magenta carrier has announced today, via its Google+ page, that it is delaying the launch of the Nexus 6 until the week of November 19th in order to provide a better experience for customers.

The exact statement from T-Mobile reads as follows:

To give T-Mobile customers the best experience possible, we're moving our Nexus 6 launch out one week to 11/19.

T-Mobile doesn't point out what is entailed in providing "the best experience possible," but the delay is certain to be frustrating for T-Mobile customers, especially as they watch Sprint and AT&T customers snag orders for the device later this week.

What do you guys think of the delay? Let us know in the comments.

Source: T-Mobile

Dan Thorp-Lancaster