T-Mobile announces new Pay as You Go rate that starts next week

T-Mobile has just announced a new Pay as You Go plan for users. This isn't a change to their monthly prepaid plans, instead this is for people who value pay-per-use, daily and weekly plans. The new plan has customers paying just $0.10 per minute or message as a flat rate.

The announcement will be welcomed news for those who travel to the United States and want to grab a local number or if you value plans like this.

Pay as You Go customers also can optionally purchase 4G LTE data passes in various increments. Here they are:

  • $5 for 1 day pass and up to 500MB of LTE data
  • $10 for 7 day pass and up to 1GB of LTE data

T-Mobile recently became the network with the largest number of prepaid customers. Today's move should help their upward momentum. Look forward to the new flat rate of $0.10 per minute starting August 17.

Anyone interesting in T-Mobile's new Pay as You Go plan?

Source: T-Mobile

Sam Sabri