T-Mobile and Motorola Announce the CLIQ, Dext

T-Mobile and Motorola have just announced the Motorola CLIQ, Motorola's first foray into the Android game, which will come to T-Mobile in the US during the 4th quarter of 2009.  The CLIQ is an Android phone (that we all once knew as the Morrison) sporting a horizontal slide out keyboard (yes!). Official details on the specs are thin, but we do know that it has the usual smartphone specs:

  • 3G, WiFi
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • 24 fps video recording
  • 3.5 mm headset jack

The CLIQ's primary differentiator is that it will feature the MOTOBLUR service, which deeply integrates multiple social networking services into all corners of the device.

Outside the US, the CLIQ will be known as the "Dext" and available in 2010.  Motorola also said that they intend to announce more Android devices in the coming months.

  • ahh, no sholes? what the hell? they better release it before december, and it better have blur because it looks awesome the cliq/dext looks really good too, the color scheme makes it look way better than the silver/blue version, and gives me hope that the sholes wont launch with that terrible red d-pad, i think motorola may actually pull this whole "comeback" thing off also good to see that they still aren't tired of 4-letter names, what do you think the sholes will be called? hopefully not the shls
  • It is cool but the question is how much is it going to cost us
  • I tried it today, it is already available in México with Telcel, it's a little heavy but it's quite fast, i'm actually thinking leaving my blackberry for it. About the price is about the same than the Blackberry Javelin. 7,780 pesos about 600 USD, and less expensive than the Nokia N97 (9,600 pesos about 738 USD)