T-Mobile adds a handful of new no-contract 4G plans

T-Mobile has announced a few new additions to its pay-as-you-go 4G plans, available beginning today. For $60/month customers will receive unlimited talk, text and web with up to 2 GB data at 4G speeds. If you prefer to take things one day at a time, you'll now have three options: for $3/day, you'll have unlimited talk, text, and web with 200 MB of 4G data, while $2/day will get you unlimited everything, though you'll be stuck at 2G speeds. And for a buck a day, you'll have unlimited text and 10 cents per minute for talk, with no data. Oh, one more thing: available exclusively through Walmart, for $30/month, you'll get unlimited texting and web, with up to 5 GB of data at 4G speeds, and 100 minutes. Commitment-phobes, rejoice!

Source: T-Mobile

Anndrew Vacca