T-Mobile adds a handful of new no-contract 4G plans

T-Mobile has announced a few new additions to its pay-as-you-go 4G plans, available beginning today. For $60/month customers will receive unlimited talk, text and web with up to 2 GB data at 4G speeds. If you prefer to take things one day at a time, you'll now have three options: for $3/day, you'll have unlimited talk, text, and web with 200 MB of 4G data, while $2/day will get you unlimited everything, though you'll be stuck at 2G speeds. And for a buck a day, you'll have unlimited text and 10 cents per minute for talk, with no data. Oh, one more thing: available exclusively through Walmart, for $30/month, you'll get unlimited texting and web, with up to 5 GB of data at 4G speeds, and 100 minutes. Commitment-phobes, rejoice!

Source: T-Mobile (opens in new tab)

  • New $30 5GB 100min plan also at Tmobile.com, but only for new subscribers. My sister said they didn't know about it yesterday at Walmart. Sounds like a great deal for data users. I may try to get this for a GSM Nexus Prime depending on the GSM model availability and pricing.
  • Wow, would of been nice to see this yesterday too. Moved 2 of my kids over to Tmobile, got MT4G slide and G2X for free. They will be sharing 1000 minutes, my teen will move next month when her contract is up.
  • So what is better: no contract through T-Mobile or get an unlimited no contract voice app like http://eonphone.com? The best part is the paying per minute is no longer valid. Wonder if this plan is valid in Canada.
  • well, since its no contract, there's no risk, so try both. the thing is that for VoIP is that you still need a consistent data connection, so you will still need a data plan from somewhere.
  • $30 for 5 GB of data & 100 minutes....damn, and I just signed a new contract 2 weeks ago...
  • For these no-contract plans, are you restricted to only those select few "prepaid" cell phones such as the Comet or LG Optimus T? Or can you choose the plan and get any phone you'd like? Trying to research on tmob's site but I'm still confused. And I don't see that $30 5GB/100mins plan anywhere, including Wal-Mart's site. I would definitely get out of my current contract I'm in on Sprint and hop on this if it's as good as it sounds.
  • You can use any compatible T-Mobile 4g phone.
  • correct, I'm using the mytouch 4G slide I bought used
  • If you prefer a no contract plan and you have a T-mobile phone or other phone that works on the T-Mo network, Simple Mobile is a great alternative. Since my Nexus S is a 3G phone, I can get unlimited talk, text and web for $40 a month. Pretty sweet. A neighbor has been using them for about 6 months now and it works great. Popped his SIM into my phone and sure enough, T-Mo network. Worked like a charm. Now I just have to wait till my contract is up in December. http://www.mysimplemobile.com/Simple-Mobile-Plan.aspx
  • I've already got a used MT4g on the way from eBay($150) and the prepaid SIM kit from T-Mobile. No more putting up with Virgin's slow data and poor phone selection.
  • Soon as a T-Mo compatible Prime gets released I'm sure quite a few people will be hopping onto the $30/mo plan. Cheap as hell for a cell and 5GB is a ton of data compared to the alternatives.
  • Walmart prepaid sounds good to me. Called a store and they weren't really up to speed on details-too new I guess. Would be interested in a few more voice min. if available. Also trying to find out full purchase price of GSII from T-Mobile. A MOTO phone would be good too-that dock looks pretty sweet. Odd thing on T-Mobile "Service Coverage Map". Coverage is different for monthly plans and prepaid.(?) Both show data about the same, but voice on prepaid shows "partner carrier" at least in Chicago. WTF is that about?
  • Just FYI, For the Walmart $30 plan, T-Mo customer service can't do it for you over the phone, and apparently you can't do it in a T-Mobile store (I just spoke to them). You have to either go to a Walmart store or do it on T-Mobile's website. You have to buy an Activation SIM for $6.99 and then when you get it in the mail you can activate it with the plan you want on T-Mobile's website.
  • T-Mobile is screwing over their current pay-as-you-go customers also by taking away data plans with this new crap. I'm a prepaid customer that was using the Daily Web Pass Option of $1.49 a day, since I don't need data all that much. They took away the Daily Web Pass Option and NOW I can't get data on my current pay-as-you-go account. I was spending less than $20 a month and getting all the 4G access I needed, which it's much.
    But NOW I have to either go to one of these new plans ot go to a monthly $30+ plan.
    So on my current plan, if I receive a 1 test msg in a day, it cost me $10. With these new plans if I want 4G, it will cost me $3 to receive that same 1 text msg. Same with calls. what a rip-off to current customers.
    IF anybody is looking at good pre-paid plans, check out AT&T. I will be going their soon!!!!!!!!