Suit up! New Men In Black III game now available from Gameloft

Suit up, it's time! Men In Black III is a new game from Gameloft to celebrate the upcoming movie and now, it's available in the Google Play Store available for download. In it, you get to run the MIB Agency with some help from others but a new threat is now plotting against mankind and you must defend it. Are you ready?

  • Train your agents and assign them to missions
  • Access a wide range of MIB weapons and gadgets like the Neuralyzer, the Deatomizer and the infamous Noisy Cricket.
  • Build dozens of different rooms to upgrade your weapons and develop your agency.
  • Travel in time to fight aliens in different areas of New York including Brooklyn, Times Square, and Central Park
  • Utilize your agent’s futuristic weapons and equipment
  • Meet dozens of aliens faithfully inspired by the Men in Black universe
  • Invite your friends from Gameloft LIVE! & Facebook to play
  • Ask for your friends’ help during fights to defeat powerful aliens
  • Visit your friends’ headquarters and get rewarded for lending a hand

Unlike Mass Effect Infiltrator, this release is available for free and will only download an additional 60-70MB to your device. Sadly though, it doesn't seem to work on all devices. My Galaxy Note states it is incompatible though my Galaxy Nexus runs the game just fine. If you're looking for more info, jump below for the latest trailer as well as the download link.

Agent! It’s Time To Run Your Own MIB Agency and Save The World in Men In Black 3 From Gameloft.

Paris, May 23rd, 2012 - Gameloft, a global leading publisher of downloadable video games, is pleased to announce the release of Men in Black 3 for iOS and Android devices. Men In Black 3 from Gameloft is the free-to-play, officially-licensed game of the blockbuster movie on mobile devices, and offers a unique action/tycooning experience for fans of casual games.

In Men in Black 3, you’ll be tasked with running your own MIB agency. That means training agents and sending them on dangerous missions in the field as well as researching and building a host of weird weapons and hi-tech gadgets like the Bubble Gun, the Noisy Cricket and many more. MIB3 also gives you a chance to get out of the manager’s chair and engage in some live, turn-based battles with some of the nastiest aliens the universe has to offer.

Faithful to the humorous, yet action-packed tone of the movies, Men In Black 3 is now available for smartphones and tablets.

About Gameloft

A leading global publisher of digital and social games, Gameloft® has established itself as one of the top innovators in its field since 2000. Gameloft creates games for all digital platforms, including mobile phones, smartphones and tablets (including Apple® iOS and Android® devices), set top boxes, connected TVs and consoles. Gameloft partners with leading international brands such as UNO®, Spider-Man®, James Cameron’s Avatar™, Ferrari® and Sonic Unleashed®. Gameloft also operates its own established franchises, such as Real Football, Asphalt™, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus and N.O.V.A Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance®. Gameloft is present in all continents, distributes its games in 100 countries and employs over 4,500 developers.

Gameloft is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (ISIN: FR0000079600, Bloomberg: GFT FP, Reuters: GLFT.PA).

  • It sounds like an X-com style game, but 3 things put me off of it: Gameloft, MIB license, and 'free'. It sounds like it can't help but be bad.
  • I have a Sprint Galaxy Nexus and it says it is incompatible with my device in the play store :(
  • Me too. And I have the HTC one S :-(
  • I typically like Gameloft's games, but was worried when I realized it was free-mium & they completely lost me at "Manage..." *goes back to "ME Infiltrator"*
  • Can someone explain to me why "free" is a bad thing? I'm not a gamer and don't use my Evo 3D for many games besides Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Temple Run (All of which are free). So, I'm confused.
  • Well, there is a difference between 'free' and 'free-ium'. Free apps are generally supported by ads and won't ever require any money to advance in the gameplay. Free-ium games start off free, but as you progress, it becomes more and more difficult to advance in the game without paying money.
  • Gameloft games are not normally free because they are real games. . . or console like games so you have to pay for them. If its free than it may be garbage esp coming from gameloft.
  • Hmm with newer android phones being able to handle more and more complex games it seems like android should be running the console version