Opening Netflix might look different as it tests smart TV UI changes

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What you need to know

  • Netflix's Pat Flemming detailed the company's upcoming UI changes for smart TVs for a "new TV experience."
  • The changes involve providing an in-card show/movie preview when hovered over with your remote alongside content descriptions, genre, episode count, and more.
  • The company plans to start this redesign test with a "small group" of subscribers on smart TVs before rolling it out to more folks if it goes well.

Netflix is beginning to test a new home screen design that only a handful of smart TV owners will receive for initial feedback.

According to an interview between Netflix's senior director of product, Pat Flemming, and The Verge, the changes should help users cut down on the "gymnastics they do with their eyes." Flemming was referring to the current experience Netflix offers with today's home screen as users often have to scan up the screen to view a show/movie preview.

Flemming added, "we really wanted members to have an easier time figuring out if a title is right for them."

The proposed redesign will still feature a large recommended or new title as the initial offering; however, shows and movies will receive a preview card when hovered over. When selected with your remote, the show/movie's title card will expand and display a quick teaser video.

Beneath the expanded card, users will find the content's description, year of release, episode count, and genre.

Joining this "new TV experience" for finding shows and movies is the removal of the Netflix app's sidebar on smart TVs. The top row of the app will now host your profile icon on the far left, and options like Home, Shows, Movies, and My Netflix will be in the center.

A look at the proposed home screen changes for Netflix on Smart TVs, which puts its sidebar options on the top of the app.

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Another change that's set to arrive is that users will no longer have to mash their remotes to get back to the top of the Netflix app. Flemming stated that users can hit the "back" button to bounce back up.

Flemming informed The Verge that this test is set to begin arriving for a "small group of subscribers" who watch Netflix on a smart TV. If the reception is positive, then the service will look to expand the UI redesign to more users in the "coming months and quarters."

In other news, Netflix announced earlier this year during its 2023 financial report that 2024 will hold another price hike. It seems the company is looking at the consumer to aid its efforts in bringing new investments to the platform for additional content. The exact details surrounding Netflix's next price hike are still unknown, so we're left waiting until it happens.



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